Windows uefi fix - Windows 8 (Developer Preview) Review

7th of February 2013 13

Windows 8 (Developer Preview) Review

A review on the Developer Preview of Windows 8. In this video, I talk about the new Metro start screen, the updated Ribbon interfaces and things like Internet Explorer 10. I installed this on my 13″ MacBook Pro in Boot Camp. If you want to install it with Boot Camp, go to this video: You can download the latest build of Windows 8 here: My build (the one in the video) is ‘Build 8104′. The System Requirements for Windows 8 (32-bit) are – A 1GHz processor – 1GB RAM – A DirectX 9 capable GPU with WDDM 1.0 or higher graphics drivers – 16GB HDD space The 64-bit system requirements are pretty similar – – A 1GHz processor – 2GB RAM – A DirectX 9 capable GPU with WDDM 1.0 or higher graphics drivers – 20GB free HDD space Also note that a minimum resolution of 1024×768 is required to view Metro applications, and a touchscreen is required for multi-touch gestures (Windows 8 download site) Please rate, comment and subscribe! If you have had any experiences with Windows 8, post them below.

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13 great comment(s) for this post

  1. encoresurterre 10:51 pm 7/02 of 2013

    As we have all seen lately, CHANGE does not always mean better. I cringe now when I hear change. Does not look more productive. Maybe better for monkeys. I think MS is shooting for the actual million monkeys typing. Perhaps we’ll get a real OS from one of them. Looks also like they will eventually go the Linux way of OSX.
    BTW: RIBBONS SUCK! Most click ops are DOUBLED!
    I also can’t seem to get used to annoying. The more of it the less I’m willing to work with it. Is MS digging a hole?

  2. David Robinson 11:08 pm 7/02 of 2013

    couldn’t agree more!

  3. wolf74982 11:19 pm 7/02 of 2013

    weiter sagen und ich schicke euch den real destop pro und banicam full wenn ihr mich aboniert

  4. Andrea Borman 11:58 pm 7/02 of 2013

    You can disable the Metro theme on Windows 8 with a simple registry edit. This brings back the Windows 7 start menu. Or you can use a software like Metro Controller that will do this for you. I have installed Windows 8 on one of my netbooks. But I am using it with the Windows 7 start menu not the Metro theme. Andrea Borman.

  5. Ndo Bro 12:35 am 8/02 of 2013


  6. MisterTechGuy1 1:33 am 8/02 of 2013

    It should do, as long as it has a clock speed of higher than 1GHz. :)

  7. Vincent Dizon 2:10 am 8/02 of 2013

    hey i have hp laptop and the processor is AMD E350. It will work or not?

  8. ExStatic Bass 2:36 am 8/02 of 2013

    Just set it so that when you push the power button, it sends the “Shut down” command to windows….Elementary Microsoft there. Easy as Pi too.

  9. ExStatic Bass 3:33 am 8/02 of 2013

    You left out ME, better known as Mistake Edition… Also an EPIC fail.

  10. iTzChALLeNgEd 4:25 am 8/02 of 2013

    Good review. Exactly what I was looking for! I was thinking about installing Windows 8 on an old HDD but it would just be a waste at this point in time as Windows 7 has everything that I need. Once Windows 8 final is released though, I’ll definitely be upgrading!

  11. mw2montagifier 5:14 am 8/02 of 2013

    oh haha my bad

  12. Danny Roman 5:19 am 8/02 of 2013

    2000 AND 98 not 2098 :)

  13. mw2montagifier 5:22 am 8/02 of 2013

    “Windows 2098″ lol


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