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21st of May 2014 6

Windows 7 – 4TB HDD only shows 2TB(1.6TB)?

Question by Marcel: Windows 7 – 4TB HDD only shows 2TB(1.6TB)?
Hello there!

I have a question for you; how can i initialize my 4TB HDD to be recognized as such? It only shows 1.6TB capacity.

Not only does the HDD allow me to format up to 1.6TB, it does not show any more capacity then that in the ‘Disk Management’. Also it already is converted to a GPT Disk in stead of MBR.

Also i’ve come across this on the web: my bios version should be UEFI. I cannot really figure out if it is. System information tells me this about my BIOS version/date: ‘American Megatrends Inc. 1708 4/9/2013′.

So how can i ‘upgrade’ the HDD to 4TB?

Thanks in advance!
– Marcel

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Answer by Computer Technician
Don’t know? That is strange. I have a 2 TB and it
shows the capacity of 1.79 TB which is normal.

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  1. Jeremiah85 11:03 pm 21/05 of 2014

    Some Hard Drive manufacturers have software available to allow drives larger than 2tb to be used with a standard bios. For example, Seagate uses software called DiscWizard for this function.

    Or you can use a smaller drive as your primary drive and then use the large drive as a secondary storage drive.

  2. Nick 11:12 pm 21/05 of 2014

    I would run a driver update on your BIOS to start, the only limiting factor on maximum hard drive size is in the BIOS. If it is up to date, feel free to hop to and send me a picture of your bios (or make and model of your motherboard so I can figure it out) and I will help you configure.

  3. Bassman1 11:43 pm 21/05 of 2014

    Post brand, model number, operating system of the computer when asking for help. Also if a desk top or laptop. Or the complete spec’s for the computer.
    The operating system, recovery partition, programs and files as well as the OEM files take up space on the hard drive reducing what space it shows in the hard drives size for storage. Hard drives even though they may show 2 GB in storage size do not show the full 2 GB as there is no uniform code for hard drives most manufacturers round off the storage size to the highest number. So for instance a 2 GB hard drive may show only 1.7 GB of free space when new and before the OS is installed.
    Can not give you a answer about the 4 GB HDD since you did not post the info for the computer as to brand etc. What does it show in hard drive properties as to size and any partitions ?

  4. Anthony 12:08 am 22/05 of 2014

    Try to install Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

  5. ? 12:10 am 22/05 of 2014

    GPT Vs MBR is NOT the issue.

    The previous hardware driver for all hard drives was Intel Matrix storage Manager.

    Intel matrix storage manager does not support drives larger than about 2.3Tb.
    and randomly it will IGNORE volumes that size and only show the remainder of the drive

    I went through this when installing my first 3Tb drive

    You need to download and install something called Intel Rapid Store which DOES support the 2.5TB, 3TB and 4TB hard drives.

    You can get it HERE:

  6. jeff M 12:22 am 22/05 of 2014

    I had the same problem and it turned out the usb dock I had plugged my drive into was limited to 32 bit. Got a new usb 3.0 dual dock from Startech and windows instantly recognized it as a 4tb disk.

    Hope this helps.


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