What motherboard manufactures has coreboot bios?

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What motherboard manufactures has coreboot bios?

Question by JR_the_postman: What motherboard manufactures has coreboot bios?
Secureboot for windows 8 is a mess for dualbooting operating systems, is anyone still building a coreboot desktop motherboards that allows multipule partitions, and large 4 gig drives format capability?

I understand Google’s Chromebooks are all using coreboot as a safe boot system, and already Microsoft’s secure boot has been cracked since September 2012!


I want to build a new system, with large drive support and can not locate a coreboot motherboard.

I use newegg often for on-line shopping as they have quite good description of product, and a customer review that is better than most other websites. The Big Box stores have few if any parts and no descriptions: Best Buy, Staples, etc.

But even Newegg does not indicate or allow searches on coreboot vs secureboot motherboards. I was hoping someone knows how to find/search for current coreboot motherboards. I guess we will need to wait for more Chromebook or Chromebox releases to get coreboot motherboards.


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Answer by Bob
Hello,Here are some sites to shop at.








This list should help you find what you need. Most of the stores here have brick and mortar locations. There is no way to tell about sales…
I enjoyed your question, I have worked as a technician most of my life, I hope I have helped you…
CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

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