Mag - What is the best way to recover data of a failing drive? Read Details Below.?

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What is the best way to recover data of a failing drive? Read Details Below.?

Question by Matt S: What is the best way to recover data of a failing drive? Read Details Below.?
I’m going to try to be as concise as possible while giving the information I think may be important.

I backed up all my data on an external drive (Seagate 4TB USB 3.0 Compatibility). The drive worked fine but the next day when I went to recover my data the drive had tons of corrupted sectors.

My backup data which is very important to me (10+ years of saved data) is 142 GB. There is an additional 1.81 terabytes of data that I’d prefer to recover but its not vital.

Currently I’ve been using HDD regenerator which takes data thats unreadable due to it being on a bad sector and reallocates it to a healthy sector. The program is being and regeneration are being used on my notebook with XP in UEFI mode since my desctop with Widows 8 does not have it.

I’ve been doing this for 10 days and taking some pauses to see how my hard drive is connecting to my desktop (Windows 8). I’m not sure if its my imagination, but the drive seems to sound differently connected to a USB 3.0 versus 2.0. Also, if the drive stops being recognized in a 3.0, it’s recognized in a 2.0 for a period of time.

1. Does the USB speed (USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0) affect the corruption of the drive?

2. 2. If I delete all the other data on the drive, will it increase the likelihood of me recovering my important backed up data because there would be more free sectors?

3. What is a weak sector and what risk does it pose to the recovery process?

Best answer:

Answer by Esben
partitionguru can recover files and partitions from hard drive and removable hard drives physically or logically damaged.

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