What do you think about my Custom gaming pc build?

11th of August 2012 0

What do you think about my Custom gaming pc build?

Question by : What do you think about my Custom gaming pc build?

-Intel core i5 2500 3.3 ghz (3.7 turbo boost)
-Hitachi 500 gb 7200 rpm HDD with Sata 6 gbps
-Patriot g series 8 gb (2×4) ram 1600 mhz
-MSI ph61a-p35 intel h61 ATX (1155 socket) with sata 6 gbps, usb 3.0 and UEFI bios
-Coolermaster extreme 500w, 12v, v2.3 power supply
-Galaxy geforce gtx 560 1 gb pci express 2.0 video card
-Samsung black sata dvd drvie
.Rosewill REDBONE ATX mid tower case
-Satandart mouse and keyboard
-Battlefield 3


What do you think? this will be my firts build

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Answer by Alex
Rating: 8/10

-Good part choice. Someone who finally realized that buying a Z68 / P67 is useless if you’re not overclocking. People are always buying a Z68 or P67 and pairing it with a non-K Sandy Bridge… What’s the point of having the Z68 / P67 if you can’t overclock? It’s just wasting money. I see you didn’t make the same mistake! :)
-Good RAM, HDD, GPU, optical drive, and case choice.
-The only problem I see is the PSU. It may not be bad – but I would personally get a higher end PSU. Maybe an Antec Earthwatts, Neo Eco, or SeaSonic S12II series.

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