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30th of March 2013 25

Updating Gigabyte Motherboard BIOS

Check out my new video on Upgrading to UEFI BIOS for Gigabyte Motherboards This is a supplemental guide to building a hackintosh …
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  1. Afferis 2:45 pm 30/03 of 2013

    I will be building my computer for the first time. I will be using the gigabyte mobo and am interested to know if the new mobo has bios installed already or I need to download the bios from the gigabyte website and install it on the mobo?

  2. Over9000under9002 2:53 pm 30/03 of 2013

    Hey,i plan to buy fx 6300 with 970a-ud3 gigabyte mobo and amazon says is rev 1.0. How can i update bios prior boot?Will my pc open and just let me go to bios or it will not even start ?

  3. ZombieAnusPounder 3:39 pm 30/03 of 2013

    Im gonna solder my AMD chip to my Intel chip, what board should i buy?

  4. Stewy Stewart 4:32 pm 30/03 of 2013

    Well done mate,I was having big problems after messing with the bios,(Load Optimized Defaults)Then the PC would not Boot!!!? your settings were a God Send !! thanks a lot,keep up the good work My PC has a 60gb ssd and a 1 tera byte hard drive,after changing the PCH Sata control Mode to AHC1 the pc booted/up.Iam a bit scared of touching it now ??(what is AHC1) thanks Stewy

  5. Sigmund Sauer 4:45 pm 30/03 of 2013

    I’ve got all this to come. Was a bit nervous about updating the bios, having never done it before but you made it seem pretty simple. Hope it works out that way for me. I’m cursed when it comes to computers lol. Thanks for the guide.

  6. UEGParagon 4:52 pm 30/03 of 2013

    Thanks I built my computer on a few days before christmas updated the BIOS and it has been working great since.

  7. Ed Hunter 5:43 pm 30/03 of 2013

    excellent guide.Thanks

  8. celt67 6:27 pm 30/03 of 2013

    I’m doing something pretty similiar to UEGparagon ,…brand new system, GA-970A-DS3 with a AMD FX 6300,,,a CPU which I’m told will only work with the latest bios.. So what you’re saying is ‘use the BIOS from the disk..some things may not work properly..then follow the above video to update’ ? My worry is that if it wont work straight away, and a “windowless” system wont recognise a USB drive and I’ll be stuck.
    Brilliant video, by the way.

  9. johnnythegeek1 7:00 pm 30/03 of 2013

    Try using a 2 or 4GB drive.

  10. kacpers25 7:35 pm 30/03 of 2013

    It sais that it cannot find the thumbstick . Can you tell me why , It is FAT32

  11. johnnythegeek1 7:57 pm 30/03 of 2013

    You should try to get who ever you bought the new computer from to do it if it is in the warranty. If not then do it yourself. Thanks for watching!

  12. dmanno3 8:21 pm 30/03 of 2013

    What if you buy a New Comp from scratch and the Gigabyte motherboard you bought needs to be updated??? how do you do that!?

  13. johnnythegeek1 9:20 pm 30/03 of 2013

    Glad it worked out!

  14. Trig242 9:41 pm 30/03 of 2013

    I JUST now updated mu BIOS manually following your video step by step. Thanks again! You are my hero for today!

  15. johnnythegeek1 9:53 pm 30/03 of 2013

    thanks for watching and good luck!

  16. Trig242 10:35 pm 30/03 of 2013

    Thanks so much for posting this, I just built my first system and I’m going to need to update my Gigabyte mobo [GA-990FX-UD3]. I thought it may be daunting but your instructions are simple and concise. Cheers!

  17. GHxStarrBurrstx 11:20 pm 30/03 of 2013

    The autoexec file doesnt work…

  18. johnnythegeek1 11:42 pm 30/03 of 2013

    In this video I am updating it manually. So yes you can update it manually.

  19. Christopher Blackett 11:49 pm 30/03 of 2013

    my windows 7 says it wont update with the auto in 64 bit , can i do it manually?

  20. johnnythegeek1 12:46 am 31/03 of 2013

    It might not need an update to the BIOS for it to work but there may be some applications that may not work properly. Some were saying that a game was not working correctly and a BIOS update fixed it. Thanks for watching! Good luck with your build.

  21. sourcegamer101 1:43 am 31/03 of 2013

    Memory frequency: 1337MHz lol

  22. UEGParagon 2:09 am 31/03 of 2013

    Can anyone help me with this? I’m going to buy a AMD FX-4100 and a AM3+ mobo (GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3). From what I’ve read is that you need to flash and update the BIOS but I have never buillt a computer. I don’t want to screw anything up so if I get any advice it would be appreciated.

  23. johnnythegeek1 2:29 am 31/03 of 2013

    Thanks for watching!

  24. johnnythegeek1 3:25 am 31/03 of 2013

    Also, try different ports. Thanks for watching!

  25. johnnythegeek1 3:43 am 31/03 of 2013

    is it formatted as FAT or FAT32?


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