Unboxing | The MSI 970A-G46 Motherboard

24th of March 2013 24

Unboxing | The MSI 970A-G46 Motherboard

Hey everyone! Robert here with an unboxing and today im bringing you the motherboard i used in my sisters build. This is the Gigabyte 970A-G46 AM3+ Motherboa…
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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. MinecraftLegendzZ 11:23 pm 24/03 of 2013

    Can i put an AM2 chip such as a AMD Anthlon 64×2

  2. Brandon Gupton 11:30 pm 24/03 of 2013

    and its NOT a 990fx mobo dummy

  3. Brandon Gupton 11:38 pm 24/03 of 2013

    that port is NOT intergrated graphics DUMMY

  4. Dmanplayer723 12:19 am 25/03 of 2013

    Yo quick question did you have to flash the BIOS?

  5. Dmanplayer723 12:54 am 25/03 of 2013

    So hows the mobo doing.

  6. James Mclean 1:13 am 25/03 of 2013

    VGA built in graphics looks damn close to a serial port, LOL

  7. BrutalOddball 1:32 am 25/03 of 2013

    So I wonder, will it work with the 8350?

  8. megadeth22885 2:13 am 25/03 of 2013

    listen… if youre so obsessed with computers that you liquid nitrogen cool just to achieve a high benchmark thats beyond anything practical.. “cool kids” probably went out the window long ago

  9. WaKeVajZet 2:53 am 25/03 of 2013

    Well,you have to put it in your graphic card,not motherboard.

  10. XJuggernautGamerX 3:39 am 25/03 of 2013

    Hi! I am planning on using SLI on this motherboard but t did not come with a SLI bridge, do you know of any that would work for this Motherboard? Thanks!

  11. OrdainedTech 3:49 am 25/03 of 2013

    i’m trying to remember, but i think i found a sale on Newegg and payed $70.

  12. Thulfiqar Ali 4:11 am 25/03 of 2013

    Nice Review
    how much did you pay for this mobo ?

  13. John Santana 4:36 am 25/03 of 2013

    yes it supports fx8350

  14. John Santana 5:30 am 25/03 of 2013

    I got that board equipped with the:
    AMD FX 8350 4ghz
    HD7770 CFX
    8gb ram (gonna upgrade it to 16gb or 32gb)
    875w Power Supply
    120gb SSD
    6TB 2tbx3 7200rpm

  15. omgthisiswerid 5:50 am 25/03 of 2013

    Depending on the card you will be fine. I bought this board along with a 7870 and it booted fine and video out works perfectly. Can’t figure out how to get to the bios tho, so thats something to think about

  16. omgthisiswerid 6:38 am 25/03 of 2013

    There is actually neither, there is no video out on this motherboard. You need a graphics card in order to get video out on this board.

  17. OriginalRozza 7:19 am 25/03 of 2013

    on the i/o ports, there is a VGA or DVI slot, plug your monitor into that, update BIOS, then install graphics card with the instructions provided

  18. Chris Lawler 7:47 am 25/03 of 2013

    I know this is a bit stupid but where do you plug in the monitor? I just got this new and was told you cannot start up a new MOBO with a Graphics Card unless you setup the drivers for it, but i dont see the monitor plug anywhere :( please help

  19. Sundeadgaming 7:59 am 25/03 of 2013

    That “VGA graphics” is actually a serial port

  20. Ruffduty 8:23 am 25/03 of 2013

    max FX support FX-Series Zambezi FD8150FRW8KGU FX-8150

  21. Ruffduty 8:29 am 25/03 of 2013

    go on msi website it tells u CPU list

  22. makiss29 8:53 am 25/03 of 2013

    does this motherboard support the fx 8350 cpu (pilledriver) and the hd7870 gpu?

  23. OrdainedTech 9:09 am 25/03 of 2013

    No if you look closely i put my finger on the X16. Trust me little boy, i am very much aware of my PCI slots.

  24. SuperUkuleledude 9:43 am 25/03 of 2013

    You were wrong about the PCI stuff, you called PCIE a PCI x16 and a PCI a PCIE


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