Boot menu asus m5a97 - Unboxing : ASUS M5A97 AM3+ Motherboard

10th of March 2013 25

Unboxing : ASUS M5A97 AM3+ Motherboard

Today we’re un boxing the all new Asus M5a97 Am3+ Motherboard. Overall it seems to be another rock solid motherboard from asus that give you the power to overclock or run it as it stands. The thing that stand out the most with this board is the eufi bios mainly because it’s so easy to use and it’s so new looking. This motherboard seems to be running great with my current am3 processor and I haven’t had any issues with it so far. Pros Nice design plenty of room between pci express slots. EUFI bios is a big plus Great power saving options Solid and stable so far Nice layout. Cons Q-shield could have been padded Only 2 sata cables No cheat connector for the case power connectors. View the uefi bios video here!

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25 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Thetechminecraft 8:43 am 10/03 of 2013

    HELLO can some please help me on seeing if this can hold 2 EVGA gtx 680 graphics cards please thanks :)

  2. Kamikaze Sloworm 9:05 am 10/03 of 2013

    Shame it’s not a black PCB :'(

  3. PCGamingNET 9:55 am 10/03 of 2013

    I’m just not too familiar with this board.

  4. STRIKERBOY101 10:26 am 10/03 of 2013

    …………….Wow and you are pcgaming net WOW so sad you dont even have common sense for this

  5. PCGamingNET 10:29 am 10/03 of 2013

    Can you have Windows 7 on this motherboard because on Amazon, it says Windows 8 ready?

  6. Arjun Dev 10:52 am 10/03 of 2013

    Mr. Vidia48 sir I wanted to know that if this MotherBoard has a 6 Gbps support SATA port, I dont understand is it SATA 3 if it is SATA 3 why have they not mentioned it on the info of the MotherBoard

  7. Arjun Dev 10:59 am 10/03 of 2013

    Mr. Vidia48 sir I wanted to know that if this MotherBoard has a 6 Gbps support SATA port, I dont understand is it SATA 3 if it is SATA 3 why have they not mentioned it on the info of the MotherBoard

  8. hellzonegrenade909 11:42 am 10/03 of 2013

    Is it possible for me to fit in an air cooled CPU heat sink eg. a coolermaster hyper 212 or something similar if I already have all 4 RAM slots occupied? will it fit without touching the RAM sticks?

  9. xblalex 12:15 pm 10/03 of 2013

    i cant decide on a motherboard i want what would you recomand the GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3 AMD 970or this ? i normally prefer Asus coz i always by their products:P

  10. gamersfan 12:21 pm 10/03 of 2013

    does it come with any sata 6gb cords and does the motherboard still working any problems might be buying it soon to to tight budget getting a 965 black edition and maybe this motherboard for 167$ and im getting 200 or if there is anything better you can recommend me id appreciate it

  11. Alexandru Bita 1:12 pm 10/03 of 2013

    i wanna get this mobo and have a amd fx8320 on it.. most likely i will need a bios update.. but can i place this processor simply on the board and flash.. or i need an older supported processor to make that update?

  12. Shailesh Gosavi 1:21 pm 10/03 of 2013

    Hey dude please tell me does this motherboard support AM2 processors? I have AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200 porcessor 2.71GHz. Please give replay :(

  13. XPTOPOWER 1:27 pm 10/03 of 2013

    thanks… maybe i will buy a new m5a97 R2.0 + FX 6300

  14. numptybaws3 1:49 pm 10/03 of 2013

    Currently running a 1055t but can run a newer bulldozer with this board. Bios are easy to use and overclock, had mine since last year and it is brilliant

  15. tmppaful 2:13 pm 10/03 of 2013

    Mb seems nice, gonna buy it for my pc..

  16. XPTOPOWER 2:53 pm 10/03 of 2013

    Do you recommend this board?

  17. mmaaaatttt916 3:47 pm 10/03 of 2013

    I’d upvote this comment a hundred times if i could hahaha. 

  18. JEL459 4:31 pm 10/03 of 2013

    one 2.0 x 16 and i think one 2.0 x 8

  19. JEL459 5:25 pm 10/03 of 2013

    sorry this might be late but there is no vga(video) or dvi input you have to buy a graphics card from a store or online

  20. JEL459 5:35 pm 10/03 of 2013

    im upgrading from my asus a7n8x that is still using agp 8x graphics cards so its a big leap and dose this work with sli?

  21. TheGama2 5:44 pm 10/03 of 2013

    @MasterofRockKL except if you want 3 or 4 way Crossfire or any kins of SLI…

  22. MasterOfRockKL 6:13 pm 10/03 of 2013

    this is a badass MB…… everything you will ever need :P PLUS some

  23. Adam Diprose 7:03 pm 10/03 of 2013


  24. MorkaGraven 7:33 pm 10/03 of 2013

    Admittedly he was preaching something with a rather radical approach but a gentle movement of the arm can, when recorded on a multimeter, produce well over 600 volts. A static shock that can be felt/heard is in excess of 10,000 volts, often around 30,000+. That said, I couldn’t care less about anything that belongs to you. We’ve never met and I don’t benefit from anything that you possess.

  25. notphazed 8:28 pm 10/03 of 2013

    supports sli or just amd??
    plz let me know buyin new set up next week for birthday


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