Gigabyte-uefi dual bios установка windows 7 инструкция - Ubuntu 12.04 – Dual boot Windows 7/8 and Ubuntu 12.04 (Interactive)

19th of April 2013 24

Ubuntu 12.04 – Dual boot Windows 7/8 and Ubuntu 12.04 (Interactive)

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to dual boot windows 7/8 and ubuntu 12.04 in two different ways. I will take you thour how to download, burn disc…
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  1. IdeaGamez 8:38 pm 19/04 of 2013

    PS, I would invest in a good backup drive to make sure that all you file are safe just incase anything does go wrong.

  2. IdeaGamez 9:15 pm 19/04 of 2013

    No. you would not lose any file, but things can go wrong with these things and damage your windows partition. Now if you really want to try/test Ubuntu Safely, then I would use the WUBI installer that works within windows and can be install/uninstall a hell of a lot easier and it is perfect of testing to see if you like it.

    hope this helps :) and I am happy to help if you need any more information.

  3. Palis Pisuttisarun 9:59 pm 19/04 of 2013

    Do you lose any data (from Windows) when you install? Please answer! I’d love to try out Ubuntu but I have lots of files I need saved in Windows…So what does happen when you install Ubuntu?

  4. IdeaGamez 10:38 pm 19/04 of 2013

    Hi again, no it would not make no difference if you are using a CD or DVD. You can boot to the CD by going into the boot setting in the UEFI and make the CD drive in 1st place before the HDD…. save, restart and press any key when it says.

    I think the best place to go from here is to post this problem on the ubuntu forum where there are a lot more people and developers that can help you with this problem a lot more that I can :)… Please tell me how you get on :)

  5. gmaeboy222 10:52 pm 19/04 of 2013

    no, i have to change the priority in my uefi to OS manager to boot windows 8 again. And also one thing, i burnt it on a dvd-rw, am i supposed to use a cd?

  6. IdeaGamez 11:45 pm 19/04 of 2013

    can you boot into windows 8 from the GRUB ??…

  7. gmaeboy222 12:29 am 20/04 of 2013

    Windows 8, HP Envy m4. It gives me a wubildr.mrt error, but I tried to boot it with a CD and it worked up until it brings me to the GRUB, but after I select install Ubuntu, I just get an error and freezes with a bunch of random code, so I am forced to hard-stop it. Can you possibly tell me how to boot Ubuntu with a CD on Windows 8 with the UEFI Firmware Settings?

  8. IdeaGamez 1:17 am 20/04 of 2013

    Hi, I am sorry that you have been having problems :S… Can you give me you laptop modle number and I will see what it can find out e.g. if anybody else has had any problems. I would also like to mention WUBI install is a good alternative if you are only a lite user or just want to test ubuntu :)… Can you also tell be the error the it gives you on reboot.

  9. gmaeboy222 2:01 am 20/04 of 2013

    btw mine doesn’t work, it just gives me an error after I reboot. Im doing it on windows 8. Is there anything I should change in uefi? I have a hp envy m4, and my bios has a different format than other computers so I wouldnt know

  10. gmaeboy222 2:59 am 20/04 of 2013

    Why didn’t I find your video earlier :(:( btw will this work for Ubuntu v12.10?

  11. IdeaGamez 3:13 am 20/04 of 2013

    yep, I really do :D

  12. minehackz12345 4:01 am 20/04 of 2013

    You seem like you really care about our viewers! :D

  13. IdeaGamez 4:06 am 20/04 of 2013

    Hi and thank you. I am sorry for can see your question quicker, but youtube as marked it as spam for some reason :/.

    That usually means that all 4 partition on your HDD are full by windows and by the suppliers of you computer e.g. Dell, HP, etc. I have put a link in the description that shows you what it should look like if that is the problem and what to do if so.

  14. IdeaGamez 4:23 am 20/04 of 2013

    thanks for post I completely forgot about that comment :)

  15. Max Tuzzolino-Smith 4:48 am 20/04 of 2013

    Spam DEL when your computer is starting up. Then allow your computer to boot from disk by setting the disk priory before the OS priority. Next time you start your computer it should say “Press any button to boot from disk”. You will need to revert back to your old boot options before you run any OS remember. Or just take the disk out and boot, this way when there is a disk in, it will always ask for it. But when there isn’t a disk in, it wont.

  16. SuperdudeFlexiRandom 5:22 am 20/04 of 2013

    hey, thanks for posting this. An issue I’m runnig into is that around 17:40 in this video, where it should say “free space,” mine says unusable. any suggestions?

  17. tesserakt54 6:05 am 20/04 of 2013

    The model is SVE14AE12M. The offer is kind. Linux is installed but at the price of the Windows 8 installation. We had to perform all kinds of black magic on the bios to even get the installation CD to boot at startup. All the best.

  18. GeneralPixels 6:27 am 20/04 of 2013

    I made a Boot disk but it won’t boot to Ubuntu I dowloaded and burnt the CD… I am also using Windows 7 please help me

  19. IdeaGamez 6:48 am 20/04 of 2013

    Wow it sounds like you have been really around the block :S and I am sorry that is has not helped :(. I have had a look about and it seem that a lot of people have problems installing ubuntu on the VAIO laptops. Can you tell me the model of the laptop and I will see if I can find anything out/ any workaround.

  20. tesserakt54 7:02 am 20/04 of 2013

    Hi. Thanks for all the effort you put into this tutorial. It didn’t work in my case. Windows8/Ubuntu. It almost rendered my (brand new) laptop unbootable. Not good. I’ve tried delivered DVDs from the US, freshly downloaded ISOs, it won’t allow dual boot even when Secure Boot is disabled. The magic ISO with boot repair will not even install. It’s a cheapandcheerful VAIO. And it seems to me that the proprietary software – and the OS – is “ganging up on Ubuntu. Thanks for trying anyway.

  21. IdeaGamez 7:25 am 20/04 of 2013

    Cool glad it has worked out :). Just to let you know that version does have a performance issues compared to the full install, but it is perfect for normal use, testing, etc :)

  22. IDOGOMEGA 8:07 am 20/04 of 2013

    Yeah. I just installed the Windows-friendly version and it worked perfectly.

  23. IdeaGamez 8:47 am 20/04 of 2013

    No problem :). I guess you are using WUBI??

  24. IDOGOMEGA 9:23 am 20/04 of 2013

    Thanks for your help! However, in this time, I’ve found another way to install it and it’s working great. Thanks for the video though.


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