Install clover ga-ex58-ud5 - The Hackintosh Guide, Part 5. Installing OSX on the PC.

26th of July 2012 24

The Hackintosh Guide, Part 5. Installing OSX on the PC.

Part 5 of my Hackintosh guide. NOTE: This guide is specific to the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 Motherboard!!!! In this part I’ll show you how I installed OSX on the Custom i7 PC. This may not be the best way to do it, or the easiest. But this is how I got it to work, without too much hazzle. I used Empire EFI 1.08 to install OSX. Also, there is a special version of 1.08, with support for ATI 48xx and Nvidia GTX2xx: The ZIP contains 3 different ISO’s. I used the one called “EmpireEFI_V108.iso” Just burn the ISO to a CD, and you have a Boot-CD for installing OSX. I used Nero Burning ROM in Windows to burn the ISO. Step by step: – Set 1st Boot device to CD-ROM (in BIOS). – Set SATA-controller to AHCI (in BIOS). – Enable USB-keyboard function (in BIOS). – Save BIOS settings and reboot. – Boot the PC with Empire EFI Boot-CD. – Replace Empire EFI Boot-CD when prompted. – Open Disk Utility. – Partition HDD. Make sure you use MacOS Extended (Journaled) filesystem. – Also make sure that the partition table is GUID!! – When drive is partitioned, close Disk Utility. – Continue Installation. – Choose which drive you want to install OSX on. – Install (or customize the install first). – When install is done, reboot. – Boot with Empire EFI Boot-CD again. – Enter tons of information about yourself. – When OSX is done loading, run myHack (On the Empire EFI Boot-CD). – Reboot after myHack is installed. Your Hackintosh is now almost done. The rest is explained

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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. coolermaster0007 2:35 am 26/07 of 2012

    Does it work with said asus pz68 pro v gen 3 and if it Wat does

  2. sn0le 3:17 am 26/07 of 2012

    Happy to hear that. :)

  3. leonko18 3:56 am 26/07 of 2012

    thanks you you helped me

  4. eagl02 4:35 am 26/07 of 2012

    I follwed an online about hackintosh and well I have similar specs as you do but I have a 1 tb hd for win764 and connected to Gsata (6gb/s)and the Other hd 500gb Sata 3gb/swhich i recently installed mac os 10.6.8 and it works with iBoot and then i do the multibeast and all that well I take out the cd and just having the mac hd connected i restart and it brings me to a Grub command line and I cant get passed that. Any suggestions.. Thanks

  5. eagl02 5:00 am 26/07 of 2012

    I have an issue after I install mac os on another hdd. I used the iBoot and Multibeast and I have a UD5 mobo. and have 4gigs of ram to install mac os x 10.6.8 and everything goes fine until i restart and not using the iBoot and takes me to a Grub command line. Also I had Fedora 14 installed on the drive but now its all Mac OS X. help please.. Thanks

  6. gcjackofalltrades 5:33 am 26/07 of 2012

    My I7 Mac OSX Lion Hackintosh If anyone interested in buying go to my channel for the link!!!

  7. AirbenderG 5:46 am 26/07 of 2012

    i didn’t see it either =D

  8. rvreijsen1 6:19 am 26/07 of 2012

    Dear Snole,
    i followed your nr.5 very carefully, but after the succesful installation it appears that at restart (with the EE disk loaded) the installed SL shows to be not-bootable (repeatedly).
    Strange enough, an earlier attempt some time ago worked well.
    Do you have a suggestion?
    Thanks and regards, Rein

  9. chnx84 7:18 am 26/07 of 2012

    thanks man, i finally finished it this week! cheers

  10. sn0le 7:26 am 26/07 of 2012

    Myhack installs the bootloader (Chameleon) and some other vital things to be able to boot the computer without the Empire EFI CD.

  11. chnx84 8:22 am 26/07 of 2012

    Myhack is for letting the system load by itself without the cd then? cause ive seen tutorials on how to install a clean version of osx with it too in another partition. Im very confused, thanks a lot!

  12. TheiPodTouchTips 8:30 am 26/07 of 2012

    Goto porn is not on this list :D lol
    I you do that you should have a good graphics card

  13. TheFeedbacker 8:41 am 26/07 of 2012

    When I’ve got 20 minutes left, my PC shuts down, reboots and hang up and it shows “Verifying DMI Pool DATA ……………………..”
    Has sb a solution?
    Thank you :)

  14. MrJ0mmy 8:56 am 26/07 of 2012

    can i ask i have 2 1tb hdd on this pc can i still keep windows on one hdd and mac on other and go back to windows when needed ?

  15. sn0le 9:21 am 26/07 of 2012

    They don’t make keyboards as good as they did before. :)
    Old keyboards are practically indestructable.

    I use a Logitech Ultra Flat for my Hackie and a Apple Wireless keyboard for my Mac Mini.

  16. lukeyd2k9 9:51 am 26/07 of 2012

    didnt think of that! my keyboard is 9 years old !!! works perfectly though, want an apple keyboard but the prices are steep… for a flaming keyboard..
    anyway i was wondering if your mac app store worked? im on 10.6.6 but the apps seem to crash and it seems a few people have had this problem?

  17. sn0le 10:48 am 26/07 of 2012

    Oh, I see. OSX doesn’t really support PS2 since no Macs come with PS2,
    Not to be rude or anything but I find it funny that people still use PS/2 keyboards.
    I havent used one in like 10 years my self. :)

  18. lukeyd2k9 11:19 am 26/07 of 2012

    its ps2 cable, it wont work once into hackintosh but a simple unplug and plug back in fixes it… thanks for tut anyway, clean install, had 2 hicups so had to re-install for 3rd time but all good :)
    thanks alot

  19. sn0le 11:45 am 26/07 of 2012

    Did you enable USB Keyboard in the BIOS? 0:49 in the video.

    Kexts are Kernel Extensions. Basically it is hardware drivers so that the operating system knows how to use certain pieces of hardware.

  20. lukeyd2k9 12:22 pm 26/07 of 2012

    Hi, im currently doing thid, my keyboard doesnt seem to work, whats this thing about ” kexts ” thans mate

  21. sn0le 1:01 pm 26/07 of 2012

    It is possible, but I don’t know how to do it.
    And I am not sure which AMD CPUs that work.
    As I understand it you need a modified kernel for OSX to do it.

  22. AlbusBrom 1:19 pm 26/07 of 2012

    I have one question: Does it Run on AMD processor,more specifically on AMD Athlon 64 x2?

    The tutorial is really nice!

  23. jpsthecelt 1:56 pm 26/07 of 2012

    Why not use 1 large disk and VirtualBox for W7. You get both concurrently; and windows, as we know, is more suited to goat porn

  24. jpsthecelt 2:40 pm 26/07 of 2012

    Don’t forget to add the boot parameters: busratio=20
    You could also use -v to get more info abt boot and what it doesn’t like


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