Sandybridge Overclocking Guide Part 1 of 2

6th of November 2012 24

Sandybridge Overclocking Guide Part 1 of 2

This is a basic guide to overclocking the 2600K on the Asus P8P67 EVO. I take the CPU to 4.4Ghz which should be an achievable setting for most people. I only change 6 settings to achieve this overclock. I then do a quick run of LinX to check for stability and also to look at the voltages and frequencies that we have set, in action. I take no responsibility for hardware damaged by overclocking. Here is the link to Part 2 of this video: If you enjoyed this video please subscribe to my channel.
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  1. gmod2300 2:04 pm 6/11 of 2012

    I overcloked my 2600k to 4.0 Ghz and my cores was arround 62-72 degrees (i took 20 runs in Linx). This is first time i’m overclocking my system, so i don’t want to overclock it to much. Can i go even further or should i stick to 4.0 Ghz? :) and by the way, i got a corsair h80 water cooler.

  2. MrArtie711 2:06 pm 6/11 of 2012

    hey i just overclocked to 4.2ghz. In the turbo ratio i put 44 but i automaticaly changes to 4.2. Do you know whats causing this?

  3. TODgaming98 3:06 pm 6/11 of 2012

    If i follow every steps u did, will i get a stabile 4.4 GHz overclock with the corsair h80 liquid cooling? :)

  4. SingularityComputers 3:13 pm 6/11 of 2012

    I will soon.

  5. AkaMax007 3:58 pm 6/11 of 2012

    Do you have the same guide for ivy bridges?

  6. DutchClubSounds 4:14 pm 6/11 of 2012

    i had the Asus P8P67 EVO motherboard and now have the asrock z68 extreme 7 gen 3 and with the same gpu the new asrock board its much more stable (harder to bsod) and oc stable at less voltage

  7. SingularityComputers 4:32 pm 6/11 of 2012

    AIDA64 probably. 

  8. Therebel3000 5:03 pm 6/11 of 2012

    And also, one more question. The info panel on your desktop with speeds and temperatures. What is it and where do you get it?

  9. Therebel3000 5:29 pm 6/11 of 2012

    How do you find out If you have a k series? Say if you didn’t know when you purchased

  10. Therebel3000 6:13 pm 6/11 of 2012

    That testbed is cool. Lol I love it! Might get one for my pc.

  11. khris540 7:07 pm 6/11 of 2012

    Are zalman cpu coolers good enough for this overclock settings?

  12. SingularityComputers 7:18 pm 6/11 of 2012


  13. Crysis2ful 7:47 pm 6/11 of 2012

    what ram do you have ?1600?or 1333?

  14. WorldsBestRabbi 7:49 pm 6/11 of 2012

    That has got to be the sexiest test bench I’ve ever seen…

  15. Michael P. 7:51 pm 6/11 of 2012

    Well really 2-4 hours is enough. People will tell you to run it for 12+ hours but really it’s not necessary to run it that long. With voltage on auto please do keep in mind that the voltage might be more than the CPU needs, however as long as the chip isn’t using more than 1.34V for that clock speed it should be fine.

  16. HEY8461 8:09 pm 6/11 of 2012

    And how long should I run prime 95 for? Thanks very much btw =)

  17. MyAltruistic 8:13 pm 6/11 of 2012

    1.392v to 1.4v on auto voltage.but really its all about silicon lottery and good cooling,dude. I happen to live in Malaysia and it is so freakin hot and humid here hence i wasnt able to achieve that holy 5GHz stable.

  18. Michael P. 9:01 pm 6/11 of 2012

    What voltage do you get?

  19. Michael P. 9:15 pm 6/11 of 2012

    Yup. Your motherboard should do the volting itself. Download CPUz and Realtemp along with Prime 95. Set the multiplier to 40 and leave the voltage. Run Prime 95 and keep an eye on the voltages/temps. For 4GHz it shouldn’t be passing 1.3V really. But 1.4V is fine with good cooling for 24/7

  20. HEY8461 9:56 pm 6/11 of 2012

    Hey, I’m quite worried about the adjusting the voltages, can i JUST set the multiplier to 40 or so and keep the voltage on auto?? Thanks in advance, i’ve had a huge cooler for a while and I’ve never got around to over clocking (i5 2500k) Thanks!

  21. Pleyba26 10:20 pm 6/11 of 2012

    thats a beasty computer!

  22. jsplit212 11:02 pm 6/11 of 2012


  23. MyAltruistic 11:04 pm 6/11 of 2012

    i achieved my auto tune at 4.7GHz with 16GB 1600mhz ram.pretty crazy for an automatic oc.and plus it ran stable for 5 runs of intelburntest max memory setting using NH-D14.

  24. purplehatcult 11:57 pm 6/11 of 2012

    The Auto Tune function of the ASUS Smart Suite II would overclock this set up to 4.4GHz with out hassle and, with a cooling system like that, would have no problem reaching 5GHz


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