Psystar rebel efi - Psystar Rebel Efi Loader for OSX Leopard

22nd of January 2013 23

Psystar Rebel Efi Loader for OSX Leopard

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23 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Fivos Sakellis 1:59 am 22/01 of 2013

    yes search pirate bay! i found one

  2. Justin James 2:44 am 22/01 of 2013

    or just go buy some windows computer from Best Buy and be happy with it for a few years and throw it away/sell it when Windows stops working properly because you
    A- Can’t maintain your systems.
    B- Can’t repair/reinstall it yourself.
    C- Didn’t but a system that wont constantly fuck itself. (i.e. OS.x & Linux)

  3. Justin James 2:50 am 22/01 of 2013

    The main advantage of macs will always be the OS, it’s also a main disadvantage considering compatibility issues. OS.x will always be more stable and last longer than windows anything. You wanna bitch and say mac’s are over priced? install ubuntu 11.xx on a P4 and it will boot and load any system faster than either, and its free, you can find a crashed shitty desktop for like 20$. dual boot with whatever crappy windows version it came with and shazam you got your self a running computer 20$

  4. TeamRob0t 3:35 am 22/01 of 2013

    my macs out perform every PC i have ever purchased or built by a long shot.

  5. gell7 3:42 am 22/01 of 2013

    i hate that fucking company because of that u find many ppl withlow income having them

  6. MasterHunterHD 4:31 am 22/01 of 2013

    If you want to know how to make a Mac OS X Live DVD, (using a mac)

    copy/paste it, and watch it :)


  7. Franky Ting 4:47 am 22/01 of 2013

    what did you press after you insert the os disk?

  8. Waaaahmbulance 5:02 am 22/01 of 2013

    Smart =/= buy, mong. Torrents, on the other hand…

  9. autotune360 5:11 am 22/01 of 2013

    they last for ever, i got a g3 imac that is running tiger and a g4 snowball that is running leopard.

  10. autotune360 6:01 am 22/01 of 2013

    they last!

  11. homer sexuel 6:57 am 22/01 of 2013

    can you boot osx without advd just from an usb drive

  12. Julian Atanasoae 7:32 am 22/01 of 2013

    where did you get the “Leopard Retail” image?

  13. FoxeoVideos 7:44 am 22/01 of 2013

    Please note that Apple machines are not underpowered, they are overpriced. You will get a solid system, just for more than it would cost to buy it on a Windows-based PC.

  14. Todd Kuebelbeck 7:46 am 22/01 of 2013

    this was just an ad

  15. batchkrazy 8:20 am 22/01 of 2013

    using efi 10.5 have not had any issues. the only issues i have had were drivers. like the GMA4500. and the atheros AR5BXB63 snow leopard finds the atheros but errors out. great video tho.

  16. krlja1 9:01 am 22/01 of 2013

    do i need orginal mac os x dvd or some of hacked mac os x images for installation??

  17. Dimitri Condos 9:11 am 22/01 of 2013

    So this is just another boot loader? Like Chameleon for example? Some people suggested EFI loader but I want to use Chameleon…

  18. maarten12100 9:47 am 22/01 of 2013

    lol realy it looks so retail :P

  19. nextstep333 10:05 am 22/01 of 2013

    yeas it patches Snow Leopard.

  20. bvjorge 10:16 am 22/01 of 2013

    hey this works with the original os x leopard

  21. peoplewithacamera 11:11 am 22/01 of 2013

    lol just like the talaban

  22. tipoomaster 12:05 pm 22/01 of 2013

    Has this hit the torrents yet? Hehe, pirating from a company thats leeching off another.

  23. Zak Peters 12:24 pm 22/01 of 2013

    Just because you write retail on a burned copy of Mac OSX doesn’t make it so


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