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26th of April 2014 0

OS fresh install problems?

Question by : OS fresh install problems?

Trying to install OS linux/windows on new desktop(1st build)
Bios says that theres no hardware problems.
Asus z78 motherboard UEFI bios.
120GB SSD samsung

When I try to install linux it gives me an error of grub installation failed.
When I try to install windows it gives me an error of 0x80300024 cannot install in this partition.

Need a tutorial on what I need to set in bios and how to partition the SSD.

Could it be because I am using linux which doesnt have a proper driver signature enforcement and neither does my version of windows. I tried installing with secure booth disables and fast boot disabled which is what it says on the linux website but that didnt help

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Answer by Mister.9
Change your system drive from sata to ata, try a fresh reboot, and then start installation. also cover off your SDD to make sure it is properly connected to system or not, better to unplug it and plugin again. the third and last cause of the error maybe the damage of RAM. but not sure for this error not often occurs.

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