Official Video – ASUS Sabertooth P67 – Stay Cool. Be TUF.

1st of February 2013 25

Official Video – ASUS Sabertooth P67 – Stay Cool. Be TUF.

Not content to deliver guaranteed ultimate reliability and military-grade components, we encased the Sabertooth P67 in Thermal Armor – the world’s first whole-motherboard heat dissipation design.
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  1. Matthew Raser 4:50 am 1/02 of 2013

    Have you had problems with waking it after putting it in sleep mode? When I wake mine it turns on and off about 3 or 4 times before remaining on but no image appears on the screen.

  2. chairday 5:46 am 1/02 of 2013

    Good motherboard, but thermal radar not works normally – temperature jump to 128 degtrees. Possibly asus makes new version of thermal radar software without mistakes?

  3. CALFAMO 6:45 am 1/02 of 2013

    Is the assistant fan push the air into the motherboard ou remove it out?

  4. Bird47GamerTag 6:49 am 1/02 of 2013

    i have this board with i5 2500k stock fan 2x4GB ram how far should i oc to?

  5. havock0701 7:23 am 1/02 of 2013

    i just finished my build… works fine…top notch motherboard…highly satisfied :) overall ..unlike most motherboards..this one looks good and clean as it functions :)

  6. zplol 8:19 am 1/02 of 2013

    I dunno if it has larger coolers but I got 2x zotac 560ti oc on mine and its fine

  7. havock0701 9:06 am 1/02 of 2013

    Is there space in this MB for 2 Evga Gtx 560 ti SC? I’m looking to get this MB with those 2 cards in SLI just wanna make sure I can, Thanks in advance!

  8. Malcolm Morgan 9:49 am 1/02 of 2013


  9. bonziisuncool 9:51 am 1/02 of 2013

    i have the DDR3 1600 low voltages right now. but ill go with 1866s. this is my first custom computer ive built. i was gonna get this but the 990fx setup with either the nu amd fx 4 or 6 core but i read i have to get a phenom 2 to update the bios to even use it. so i just decided im goin back to my intel roots

  10. Malcolm Morgan 10:23 am 1/02 of 2013

    great! been able to do up to 5.3GHz… ya, i know i’m stupid for going that high…lol

  11. Malcolm Morgan 10:46 am 1/02 of 2013

    ya, the sniper kit goes the best looking with the sabertooth IMO, especially with the thermal armor… but i would recommend the 1866 kit, back when i bought my 1333 kit, it was the same price as the 1866 today.

  12. Malcolm Morgan 11:15 am 1/02 of 2013

    well it’s the 1333 cl9 kit, but i overclocked it to 1600 cl10, since i heard that the cl hardly matters with sandy bridge.

  13. bonziisuncool 11:54 am 1/02 of 2013

    how fast is ur ram?

  14. bonziisuncool 12:54 pm 1/02 of 2013

    yay. my friend is getting me one of these with an i7-2700k. im good.

  15. TheUnknownHarbingers 12:55 pm 1/02 of 2013

    How’s it working out for ya?

  16. Malcolm Morgan 1:29 pm 1/02 of 2013

    just bought me a asus sabertooth p67 and a asus ASUS Radeon HD 5770 CuCore and a i5 2500k and some g.skill snuper 8gb which looks… INDESCRIBABLE!!!!!

  17. robbewuzhere 1:55 pm 1/02 of 2013

    Iam getting ASUS SABERTOOTH P67 + Intel Core i7-2600K… TODAY! :D

  18. GLMnumber9 2:41 pm 1/02 of 2013

    Maybe your mom will have no use for these features.

  19. bob gasman 3:11 pm 1/02 of 2013

    looks like a motherboard with a load of crap no one will use.. buy me buy me im all eye candy

  20. whydoesthisalways 3:26 pm 1/02 of 2013

    Building a new i5-2500K computer that I will probably use for the next 5-6 years, is reassuring that the warranty will last through all of that, great design, durability. Way to go Asus!
    Also, sweet commercial.

  21. NoBodiJones 4:01 pm 1/02 of 2013


  22. Slyninga269 4:33 pm 1/02 of 2013

    you do know that a Porsch’ handle better than a corvette? right?

  23. djoscuro84 5:14 pm 1/02 of 2013

    I buy it! I LOVE IT!

  24. Marius Maskulin 5:16 pm 1/02 of 2013

    BE TUF ;D

  25. Cursecut3r 6:11 pm 1/02 of 2013

    1 youtube user doesn’t understand TUF


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