Newegg TV: ASUS AMD AM3+ 900-series Chipset Motherboards

24th of December 2012 25

Newegg TV: ASUS AMD AM3+ 900-series Chipset Motherboards Warning Long Video Ahead! Today JJ brings us four of ASUS’ new AMD motherboards, featuring the AM3+ socket and the 900-series chipset. You can almost hear a bulldozer rumbling towards us in the distance… We begin with some explanation of the AM3+/900-series Chipset in general, as compared to the last-gen AM3/800-series. Next we go over the features that are common to all four boards, then finally we go up the line to talk about each one specifically. We’ve added some shortcuts to help out with navigating to the specific motherboard you’re looking for: Special Features for All Mobos – 4:40 M5A97 Evo – 12:29 M5A99X Evo – 14:29 Sabertooth 990FX – 16:37 Crosshair V Formula – 22:34 –=Featured ASUS Motherboards =– M5A97 Evo: M5A99X Evo: Sabertooth 990FX: Crosshair V Formula: – Credits – Camera, Editing: Lam Talking: Paul Special Guest: JJ, ASUS Senior Technical Marketing Specialist
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25 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Joseph Korosec 11:30 pm 24/12 of 2012

    Yeah i checked the instruction manuel and it said it only supported up to 4 gb ram sticks and i have 2 8 gb. it says it can hold up to 32 but thats bs it can only hold 16. False advertising

  2. Drahcar 11:30 pm 24/12 of 2012

    I dont really have a problem with MSI, I was just mad that when they called me they said it would work for Windows 7 just fine and it never did and countless people had the same problem with the board. To be fair the board I bought from MSI wasn’t that great so I decided to go this time for a better quality board in general. Their customer service lying to me is what the real problem was.

  3. Drahcar 12:22 am 25/12 of 2012

    Yeah, I have 2GB sticks in it and a friend of mine who also has it has 4GB sticks in his so you will be fine as long as it matches one of those specs that I mentioned in my previous comment!

  4. Drahcar 1:11 am 25/12 of 2012

    AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor and I love it!

  5. Joseph Korosec 1:31 am 25/12 of 2012

    what i mean to ask is can you put a 8 gb stick in a 16 gb ram slot

  6. Drahcar 2:20 am 25/12 of 2012

    As long as they are the same stick and have are any of these specs DDR3 2133(O.C.)/1866/1600/1333/1066 you should be perfectly fine, I have 4 2GB sticks, you can have up to 32GB of RAM on this series if I remember right.

  7. Joseph Korosec 2:49 am 25/12 of 2012

    Ive got a question i bought 16 gb of ram (2 8 gb sticks) can i put those onto this motherboard

  8. Joseph Korosec 3:32 am 25/12 of 2012

    yes it will

  9. Joseph Korosec 3:38 am 25/12 of 2012

    Yes it will

  10. UrwahK 4:31 am 25/12 of 2012

    nice, what processor u got on it btw?

  11. Drahcar 4:54 am 25/12 of 2012

    I havent had any problems with it so far at all, I havent even really done much tuning to it due to it working so well out of the box.

  12. Drahcar 5:09 am 25/12 of 2012

    Yeah, but at least it is an option, better to have it then to not have it right? haha

  13. UrwahK 5:29 am 25/12 of 2012

    hows it holding out? thinking of getting one

  14. MrMatttL 6:19 am 25/12 of 2012

    This is not what most people use Daemon tools for :P

  15. bieberle4 7:16 am 25/12 of 2012

    i cant install windows to this, HELP

  16. mrnachocheese 7:54 am 25/12 of 2012

    Asus makes such sexy mobo’s.

  17. dimua25 8:43 am 25/12 of 2012

    mercedes benz sls

  18. deadsexy10 9:30 am 25/12 of 2012

    Anyone know if any of the amd graphic cards are compatible with this?

  19. deadsexy10 9:55 am 25/12 of 2012

    Yea i think it will,i needa know the same thing O.o

  20. Drahcar 10:14 am 25/12 of 2012

    Good for you dakax, good for you

  21. dakax43 10:33 am 25/12 of 2012

    Maybe you shouldn’t have screwed it up?
    I’ve had absolutely no problems with ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI… you people are doing it wrong.

  22. Shain Brown 10:53 am 25/12 of 2012

    Thanks J.J. super informative as always.

  23. Shaun010110001 11:47 am 25/12 of 2012

    it would be a complete wast of time not many programs and i wouldn’t say any games support 4way sli and quadfire configs …. mind you it would bitmine well XD

  24. alfred martinez 12:12 pm 25/12 of 2012

    bought this for my first build. its soooo awesome, all my homies are jelous

  25. OssWiX 12:54 pm 25/12 of 2012

    what is difference between evo and non evo m5a97 boards?


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