My Friends computer won’t turn on!?

6th of June 2014 3

My Friends computer won’t turn on!?

Question by MilkDudBud: My Friends computer won’t turn on!?
Forwarded from my friend
I am freaking out. I just went and blew 1700 dollars on a computer. Got home and built it all about 2 weeks ago. Has worked great until NOW. It comes up with the ultimate force thing with press delete to enter uefi BIOS. It will NOT move! Here are the specs for it:

Asus Sabertooth Z99 motherboard
AMD FX 8350 processor
8 gigs of RAM
1 terabyte hard drive
186 gig solid state drive
850 Watt pcu
Rosewill challenger USB 3.0 case

I do NOT know what happened. It won’t let me do anything. I have tried resetting it outside the case, and the motherboard. HELP PLEASE!

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Answer by Jonathan Cha
Defective power supply?

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  1. Fabian 3:29 am 6/06 of 2014

    What gpu (graphics card?) does he have. If it went or was put into sleep mode then make sure he unplugs his power brick for a few seconds, then plugs it back in and tries to turn it on.

  2. Marius 3:45 am 6/06 of 2014

    So his computer wont boot? Most probably a motherboard issue.

    Try this, tell your friend to remove the CMOS battery and insert it back again, then attempt to start the computer again. But since it’s in warranty, he could call and ask if he should attempt to do so. I don’t want him voiding the warranty.

    Also, you said that his computer doesn’t turn on, which sounds like a power issue. If his computer does nothing when pressing the power button ( no fans start, no sounds made, simply nothing happens at the press of the button ) , then most likely it’s either the power cable or the power supply that is the issue.

  3. starpc11 3:51 am 6/06 of 2014

    I guess you reset the processor and ram and thre cmos battery go to the bios and set the boot priority to primary hdd as the first boot and make sure the drives are detected , might want to disconnect the drive that doesn’t have the windows os on it before restarting


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