MSI Z77A-GD65 – Unboxing speacial guest (Aleena)

15th of August 2012 24

MSI Z77A-GD65 – Unboxing speacial guest (Aleena)

MSI Z77A-GD65 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS
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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. PowerGPUcom 8:04 am 15/08 of 2012

    no it comes like that

  2. ChillTrack 8:06 am 15/08 of 2012

    My MSI Z77A-GD65 did not came in sealed, does that mean I bought one that was used? I bought it for full price (new). Antistatic bag was not sealed too. HELP

  3. GoukiTehPwner 8:20 am 15/08 of 2012

    Literally just got this delivered by UPS. can’t wait to mount my 3770k on it!

  4. MoZzrat Riis 9:18 am 15/08 of 2012

    get the baby to shot up plz

  5. GrimDrive 10:07 am 15/08 of 2012

    YOU PUT IT ON THE BAG! lol jk rage quit

  6. PowerGPUcom 10:50 am 15/08 of 2012


  7. rshimtheman 11:46 am 15/08 of 2012

    you pay for the price, my 1st cousin has a Ferrari FF and her husband has a 458 italia, they payed for the brand and they get performance, they don’t pay for performance and get the brand

  8. GerardFreeman 12:36 pm 15/08 of 2012

    Is this board better than the MSI Big Bang-XPower II X79 Motherboard?

  9. Martinx88813 1:19 pm 15/08 of 2012

    Cute lil helper you have there & she sounds so cute… GOD BLESS HER!!!! Also nice MB Looks good with Blue & Black going on…

  10. BarackMcBush 1:54 pm 15/08 of 2012

    What’s Your next big upgrade that You are thinking of? Ivy Bridge?

  11. Mike220111 2:49 pm 15/08 of 2012

    man i have problem with my evga z68 FTW Motherboard i have to buy a new Motherboard i got ASRock Z77 Professional

  12. TheAlbinoKid1226 3:27 pm 15/08 of 2012

    This or gigabyte z77x-ud3h

  13. aleqox 4:12 pm 15/08 of 2012

    i got msi and im satisfied

  14. RmpConnect 5:09 pm 15/08 of 2012

    OMG LOOK IT”S A MINI POWERGPU!! or he’s just really zoomed out to make her look mini?

  15. Chargersball1 5:20 pm 15/08 of 2012

    i bought a z77 gd55 and then newegg makes the z77 gd 65 the same price

  16. kentmocc 6:03 pm 15/08 of 2012

    ah man, it would of been nice if you took a close up shot of that Ivy bridge OC reference sheet!

  17. TERView 6:47 pm 15/08 of 2012

    i didnt mean the exact what you understood but i agree. i never owned evga. the only thing i thought about was, i never heard bad things about evga before. :)

  18. PowerGPUcom 7:01 pm 15/08 of 2012

    u may have had the older msi stuff becuz i would never touch that stuff but now they changed and they always get 5 eggs on newegg while the asus,gigabyte and evga get 2-3 eggs

  19. PowerGPUcom 7:23 pm 15/08 of 2012

    just becuz it cost more doesnt mean its better look at a skyline GT-R it does 0-60 in 2.9 seconds vs a Ferrari 458 italia does 0-60 in 3.4 seconds but cost double the price and the handling is way better in the skyline but it only costs 90k while the 458 cost 220,000 its all marketing and people fall for it everyday.

  20. club4ghz 8:06 pm 15/08 of 2012

    MSI boards ftw i got one

  21. keiki646 8:30 pm 15/08 of 2012

    The baby only agree with you,

  22. TERView 8:30 pm 15/08 of 2012

    so you will not use evga anymore because you had many issues ?
    i thought they are really good (since they cost more than others aswell)

  23. BarackMcBush 9:18 pm 15/08 of 2012

    I wonder if these i7’s will be as useless in 10yrs as Pentium 3’s are today..

  24. BarackMcBush 9:24 pm 15/08 of 2012

    I only buy Gigabyte or Asus motherboards, I’ve been burned on other brands, I actually almost had to sue MSI over a bunch of defective mother boards that I bought in a shipment, they ended up replacing all of them but I had to get a lawyer send them a letter 1st. I hope yours is bullet proof. (And I doubt that you will still have this motherboard in 8-10yrs) #HA!


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