Install windows 7 on gs70 - MSI GS70 Windows 8 to Windows 7?

17th of May 2014 0

MSI GS70 Windows 8 to Windows 7?

Question by vai_freak25: MSI GS70 Windows 8 to Windows 7?
I’ve been stuck trying to downgrade my new machine to Win 7. I have disabled Secure Boot from UEFI and created a bootable USB with Win 7 in it. I enabled Legacy and was able to boot from USB but when it comes time to install Windows 7, a popup message appears saying there are missing CD/DVD media drivers. This machine does not have optical drives.
Is there anything I’m missing here? Please HELP!!!!
*** Yes I have all the drivers saved in a separate usb. MSI provides these drivers for download.

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Answer by Ed G
It’s recommended before you downgrade to windows 7 that you make sure there is drivers for windows 7 available for the make and model of the computer In some cases there aren’t any and you cannot downgrade.

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