Fixing efi windows 7 - Mouse lag on windows?

2nd of September 2013 0

Mouse lag on windows?

Question by Ben: Mouse lag on windows?
I asked this question before but people misunderstood.
When im on my bios(uefi bios) the mouse is smooth and precise, however when windows is active my mouse does not perform as good, its slightly jumpy/laggy, however if i start up certain kinds of games (such as league of legends) wich boot up automatically into something similar to fullscreen (press ESC key to get out etc etc)the mouse performs well again. heres my specs:
i5 3570K overclocked to 4.2 Ghz with max voltage of 1.2
asus p8z77-v MoBo
hd 4000 graphics
8Gb vengeance ram @ 1600mhz
Wireless mouse (its not a problem to do with wireless as my mouse performs fine on my i5 hp laptop)

Thankyou for any answers

Best answer:

Answer by Js
I had the same problem! Apparently, it has something to do with the resolution. Certain mice will have some lag on higher resolutions than others, specially if on wireless.
Hope this video explains the problem better!

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