Lists - Linux to Bypass UEFI, Apple Drops Samsung, Galaxy Nexus Ban Reversed, Android Antivirus Integration

14th of March 2013 10

Linux to Bypass UEFI, Apple Drops Samsung, Galaxy Nexus Ban Reversed, Android Antivirus Integration

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10 great comment(s) for this post

  1. ResidentialRedneckTV 8:45 pm 14/03 of 2013

    They make great products, I just think they’re overpriced.

  2. Karen Bear 8:57 pm 14/03 of 2013

    oh goodness that sounds so good..yum

  3. TWOLDRTURD1 9:38 pm 14/03 of 2013

    lol apple sucks

  4. ResidentialRedneckTV 10:23 pm 14/03 of 2013

    Haha I do love a good breakfast yes. My favorite is fried eggs topped with cheese, ham, mushrooms, and peppers. I also like french toast, and ham and cheese biscuits.

  5. ResidentialRedneckTV 10:48 pm 14/03 of 2013

    Me too. I recently got an HTC Evo V for Virgin Mobile. $249 for the phone, $35/month for the plan with unlimited data.

  6. Karen Bear 11:38 pm 14/03 of 2013

    i just use a prepaid phone , cuz i’m cheap

  7. Karen Bear 12:11 am 15/03 of 2013

    ok, off topic here. you look like the kind of person who can make a mean breakfast…so maybe you can show us what you have for breakfast. me its 2 eggs , bacon and grated potato in a pan

  8. THESTIFMISTERPROJECT 12:43 am 15/03 of 2013

    Damn i knew apple would do this, cool vid

  9. mystery62219 12:49 am 15/03 of 2013

    lool hi

  10. SuperTonyzero 1:01 am 15/03 of 2013



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