Is this a good pc specs?

15th of October 2012 1

Is this a good pc specs?

Question by Asadawut: Is this a good pc specs?
Hi, my question is: Are these specs good enough to run every games there is on high quality?

•CPU: AMD FX-8150 3.60 GHz Eight-Core AM3+ CPU 8MB L2 Cache & Turbo Core Technology [+90]
•HDD: 500GB Western Digital Caviar Black SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 7200 RPM HDD [-6] (500GB x 2 (1 TB Capacity) Raid 0 Extreme Performance [+93])
•MEMORY: 8GB (4GBx2) DDR3/1600MHz Dual Channel Memory (Corsair XMS with Heat Spreader)
•MOTHERBOARD: * [3-Way CrossFireX/SLI] ASUS Crosshair V Formula AMD 990FX Socket AM3+ ATX Mainboard w/ UEFI Bios, ROG Connect & 7.1 SupremeFX X-FI 2 Audio, GbLAN, USB 3.0, SATA-III RAID, 4 Gen2 PCIe X16, 1 PCIe X1 & 1 PCI [+154]
•VIDEO: AMD Radeon HD 7750 1GB 16X PCIe 3.0 Video Card [+0] (Major Brand Powered by AMD)

I’m just curious because i am getting this pc kinda soon. So, I was just wondering if it is a good pc.
Also, does it worth it’s price? Which is $ 1,840.

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Answer by Anonymous
$ 1,840 is a lot of money if you ask me. I think it worth the money knowing all the equipment it contains.

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  1. Dipto 3:22 pm 15/10 of 2012

    Your PC configuration is enough for gaming. You want to collect five hundred hard disk. But I say you to collect one Tera hard disk for your future. And pricing in depend on your product.


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