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23rd of March 2013 13

IMPORTANT – Secure Boot Restrictions

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  1. msknight5 7:59 pm 23/03 of 2013

    Thanks for the heads up. There are a number of campaigns against restricted boot. Some of it has already been hacked and progress is being made on getting unsigned code running on the ARM slates.

  2. J2897Tutorials 8:54 pm 23/03 of 2013

    FSF dot ORG forward-slash SB
    They started a campaign regarding “restricted boot”.

  3. msknight5 9:14 pm 23/03 of 2013

    Thank you very much for the compliment. If the unit is an “intel” or “amd” then you should be able to access the “bios” and turn it off. If it is an “arm” unit, then you are stuck; I can only suggest complaining about it and being prepared to send the computer back for a refund if you can’t. Ultimately, the more people that complain, the better.

  4. rrrandommman 9:46 pm 23/03 of 2013

    You explain things very well, also I just ordered a new computer with 8 Pro on it, how can I get around this BS circus. I’m angry with this.

  5. Dilan Gilluly 10:14 pm 23/03 of 2013

    Bootkit malware is a major problem, and the majority of x86 OEMs allow you to disable Secure Boot.

  6. Sean Felani 10:54 pm 23/03 of 2013

    I already have boycott the system and i will never buy any computer with that secure book

  7. DimitarTNT 10:57 pm 23/03 of 2013

    Well i will stick with my current old pc and will upgrade it instead, or build my own pc no way im using an secure boot pc.

  8. andamat 11:04 pm 23/03 of 2013

    Implementing such “security” should be illegal. I for one will rather use old hardware than comply with something like this. I have no intention of running a proprietary OS ever. I only hope there will be OEM’s that will stick up for the consumer. I wonder if GNU/Linux hardware vendors such as ZaReason will be affected by this? No way am I buying an Apple computer;-)

  9. DLiberator78 11:20 pm 23/03 of 2013

    This is what M$ and other big corps want. They want to destroy the little man and the Cottage Industries and squash all competition. We see the same thing in our high streets with all of these Tesco Metro/Express popping up and killing off local family run businesses.

  10. DLiberator78 11:42 pm 23/03 of 2013

    I prefer to build my own PC’s rather than having components that I prefer and of reasonable quality. I am also a big fan of open-source and use this in the main on my PC. If they are going ahead with this bios chip then I will give Windows 8 a miss and completely go over to Linux. I used to use some customised drivers for sound cards and graphics cards and I don’t like being told that I can’t install them. Yet another example of a ‘Nanny State’. M$ thinking they know what is best for us. :(

  11. BrianJ1962 12:14 am 24/03 of 2013

    Yup – this is probably why this will be my last machine to run windows.

  12. VelindaCali 12:25 am 24/03 of 2013

    This is one of the reasons why I abandoned Microsoft long ago. It is ridiculous that they are imposing on computer users. Oh well… As for a hardware supplier, have you heard of System76? They install Ubuntu Linux on all of their hardware. Here is the link to their site: This may become a possible alternative in the future, instead of going to Apple.

  13. mikun32159 1:09 am 24/03 of 2013

    As a hacker I know (probably as well as you) this will get cracked mere weeks after release, so I welcome it, (kinda) I like new challenges and mainly use linux anyways =]


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