I’m having a problem with a multi monitor setup?

27th of February 2013 1

I’m having a problem with a multi monitor setup?

Question by Ben: I’m having a problem with a multi monitor setup?
I recently bought a second monitor for a gaming system i built not to long ago but I’ve been having problems getting to boot properly with the second. When i boot it loads windows 7 normally the animation and UEFI screen shows up on both but the new one monitor doesn’t get a signal, on the second monitor i get the extended desktop. the only way i can fix this is by bringing Intel’s integrated graphics controller up and adjust some settings but its a big hassle and doesn’t work at times. The monitors are an ASUS vs247h 23″ 1080p off a HDMI cable, splendid mode enabled, the second is a 1440×900 18″ monitor on a VGA cable. the only thing i did to the computer was touch the heat sink on my motherboard while there was no power. i use an ASUS p8z77-v lx i 5 3570k and soon i will have a GTX 680 for no i use the integrated graphics
the gpu is Intels integrated hd 4000 graphics. it was working fine for a day but i did touch a heatsink on the motherboard could that have any effect?

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Answer by D McC
sounds like the integrated graphics cannot support 2 monitors, your new graphics card will be able to support them so you may have to wait till you get it to run both monitors

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  1. Starrysky 11:22 pm 27/02 of 2013

    http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-031026.htm says it supports at least 2 monitors.


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