How to update p8p67 uefi / bios - How to update P8P67 UEIF / Bios

28th of April 2012 9

How to update P8P67 UEIF / Bios

This is a short video on the easy way to update the bios / UEIF on the new line of ASUS 1155 socket motherboards
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9 great comment(s) for this post

  1. LuminatX 4:48 am 28/04 of 2012

    lol, I thought I was deaf watching this video

  2. ProzessorDoktor 5:29 am 28/04 of 2012

    Ur an idiot!
    I didn`t see or hear any “how to” explanation in this video!
    U showed a file but nothing followed as to “how to” deal with it from there!

  3. YellowGT0 6:06 am 28/04 of 2012

  4. lessdan 6:28 am 28/04 of 2012

    Thank you for this very much.

  5. kustomcaddy99 6:53 am 28/04 of 2012

    … Thank you sir!! Wonderful information to know!

  6. a25mx 7:45 am 28/04 of 2012

    Thank you. You most likely just saved me from extreme rage. 

  7. williandrews 8:25 am 28/04 of 2012

    what’s linck for the download the BIOS? thanks

  8. sirsnug 9:05 am 28/04 of 2012

    IMPORTANT INFO: for those of you getting the “this image/file is not a valid EFI file”, you cannot save the .ROM on an NTSF device such as your harddrive. try a FAT32 / ex-FAT USB, or a CD/DVD

    make sure the .ROM is also extracted out of the zipped compressed folder it comes in.

  9. SultanTSK 9:24 am 28/04 of 2012

    well, i did the same after klicking you getting a error


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