Install mountain lion with uefi bios - How to Install OSX Lion: PC/Hackintosh and Thorough

26th of October 2012 24

How to Install OSX Lion: PC/Hackintosh and Thorough

***This is Outdated, Use iboot+XMove after July 21st.*** Of course the first thing you will need is Lion, which can be found on!! This should work with all DP’s and GM PS I have heard of people having to reinstall Chameleon Bootloader after they install Lion if they do so to a partition instead of a USB Drive. So if you can not boot into Snow Leopard from the hard drive after this, Boot with your iBoot CD and load Snow Leopard then Re-install Chameleon from Multibeast in order to be able to boot from the HD again. Don’t worry it won’t mess anything up, even if you have a dualboot machine!!!!! Software You NEED! 1. iBoot 2. PathFinder 3. uTorrent 4. Chameleon Bootloader (alternative to iBoot) 5. XPC Bootloader (alternative to iBoot) Hardware you need: 1x USB Stick 1x free partition or Another USB stick Preparing Lion. 1. Download Pathfinder (this is an enhanced Finder App), all feature are unlocked in the 30 day trial. 2. Double click the OSX Lion DMG file to mount it. 3. Enable invisible files to be shown, in Pathfinder R. click-Show View options-Check show invisibles 4. Navigate to the Mounted Lion dmg and drag BaseSystem.dmg to Documents Folder 5. Now in Pathfinder Navigate to BaseSystem.dmg in Documents and R. click, uncheck Invisible so the item will not have a invisible flag! 6. Create a partition named Lion Install with Disk Utility (10 GB only no more) 7. In Disk Utilty
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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. MrVbat507 8:01 am 26/10 of 2012

    100th like !

  2. benmorales92 8:36 am 26/10 of 2012

    i just bought a macbook pro

  3. toipee 9:31 am 26/10 of 2012

    capitalist kid, i bet you always got all you wanted but never worked for anything. learn life and learn to earn things by yourself, not everything is going to come to you when you want.

  4. spmboy17 9:52 am 26/10 of 2012

    I Have successfully install this on my pc….
    amd fx8120
    asus sabertooth 990fx
    8gb ram rip jaws
    560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC
    send me a message maybe i can help u.

  5. david ribeiro 9:56 am 26/10 of 2012

    you can be all the money from the world, but you can not buy a solucion for your mental defience lololol

  6. david ribeiro 10:27 am 26/10 of 2012

    you play spectrum, i already play pac-man and lemmings on lc machintosh

  7. david ribeiro 10:50 am 26/10 of 2012

    if i have a macbookair i sell it fast, lol

  8. david ribeiro 11:27 am 26/10 of 2012

    almost sleep!!! lol


  9. david ribeiro 11:52 am 26/10 of 2012

    what a fuck music

  10. david ribeiro 12:47 pm 26/10 of 2012

    you put this video to answer a question how to install in a motherboard asus p5kpl-am se

  11. Dilster3k 1:46 pm 26/10 of 2012

    Haha you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy, I’ll try to explain.
    I bought the high end 15″ MacBook Pro, but with only 4 GB of RAM. When I got my MBP, I unscrewed the back, replaced the RAM with two 8 GB RAM chips (Yes, the latest MBP actually supports 16 GB) I then replaced the optical drive and replaced it with a Blu-Ray reader optical drive, I connected it to the CPU and closed the MBP. I then visited, Macblurayplayer,com and bought their software. (It’s a player that supports the format)

  12. Lalami1990 2:15 pm 26/10 of 2012

    That’s the first time I’ve heard of a MBP with 16GB RAM and a blu ray drive… Didn’t think Apple offered native support for blu rays. I guess we don’t learn much working at an Apple Store.

  13. Dilster3k 2:57 pm 26/10 of 2012

    Set up is kinda average. I have the quad core i7 15″ MacBook Pro, 512 GB Solid state drive, 16 GB RAM, Hi-res matte screen, with a Blu-Ray reader (Optical drive)
    Also iMac with almost the same specs with 2 Thunderbolt displays connected to it.

  14. Lalami1990 3:39 pm 26/10 of 2012

    Check my videos – I have a 17″ MacBook Pro 2.8Ghz i7, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD (Fully kitted) and an entry level 11″ MacBook Air. Recently I’ve just built a custom PC and I still prefer OS X over Windows. I’m sure that there are some people who are here are in the same shoes as me.

  15. Lalune350z 4:07 pm 26/10 of 2012

    Wait so how did you instal mac using windows? 

  16. iPh0neADDicT 4:53 pm 26/10 of 2012

    well apple should not make it so easy to hack there products then we are just out smarting the comany

  17. Sanjay Nhisutu 5:51 pm 26/10 of 2012

    I have an imac, iphone 4s, ipod classic, ipad and an ipod touch.
    Also a PC which is more expensive than a Mac.

  18. lilblitz 6:15 pm 26/10 of 2012

    what makes apple great is they make the hardware and software

  19. Dilster3k 6:16 pm 26/10 of 2012

    I actually come from a very rich family. My Macs don’t decide that, but my fathers cars and mansions do.

  20. MarleyNicholeTravis 7:03 pm 26/10 of 2012

    What is up with all the lame banter about silly stuff. Look fellas unless your talking about something quantitive like 1+1=2 or a science, nobody really knows shit. Unless its science then its just opinion and thats all. I have both a PC and MacBookAir(256GB i5) because i couldn’t find a lite, powerful, beautiful PC. I love the thing because its absolutely beautiful both inside and out. Everyone loves beauty! Not to mention the need for NO Antivirus protection. Thats just me though….

  21. phr34kme 7:39 pm 26/10 of 2012

    @Dilster3k, owning an Apple hardware doesn’t mean you’re better than others. I own some Apple stuff, some custom computers running Windows and Linux but I really don’t get what guys feels about owning Apple products. They’re not even worth millions of dollars to be proud of. The richest geek in the whole world doesn’t even use apple hardware (that’s Bill Gates, by the way). I mean, if you want to feel you like you’re richer than all non-apple users, then go ahead. But accept the fact that some

  22. Dilster3k 8:16 pm 26/10 of 2012

    You stated facts, but you also mixed your own opinion which isn’t the right thing to do either. I don’t “just” care about skin, logo and the user interface on Macs. Macs have great software, Windows have great software.

    My MacBook Pro has a SSD with 2 partitions, one with OS X 7.6 and one with Windows 7 (For Games and Windows exclusive software) and my MacBook Pro also has great specs.

  23. Branny Cespedes 8:20 pm 26/10 of 2012

    You seem to know a lot about watches and cars, but nothing about computers.

    Go learn and come back making some sense. Come back talking about software and hardware, and not talking about comparisons and examples of other things.

    In my other comments I stated the truth and only the truth… you replied with a childish comment.

  24. Dilster3k 8:58 pm 26/10 of 2012

    If you have a plastic watch and I have a Rolex.. Both of them just show the time right? Maybe yours has more feature than my Rolex, and you paid 10,000 less. But no one cares about your watch. If you have a lame Toyota and I had a Lambordhini, maybe your car has more features.. But no one fucking cares about your car.

    And that’s what Macs are to PC’s.


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