Mag - How to Install Lion on a PC / Laptop (OSX86) Tutorial/guide Mac OS X

2nd of January 2013 24

How to Install Lion on a PC / Laptop (OSX86) Tutorial/guide Mac OS X

Guide files, ‪ -Lion-tutorial Files For the files i used in the tutorial. This is currently INTEL only, There is NO AMD Kernel yet. Comment, Thumb’s up and Subscribe. If you have problems, boot with -v and give the last messages that are displayed, Lion support Foums: ALL at your own risk! ————————— ‪ The OSX86 forum. A helping guide if you have problems… ‪ ‬ Dutch forum: ‪ Need to know: Extensions.mkext is renamed to kernelcache. And we use Developer Preview 2. My config: GA-EX58-UD5 64GB Patriot V2 SSD 10Gb ram Core i7 920 All works PC-EFI (by netkas) Works with dual boot Windows 7.

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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Tanay Sulimantanay 11:04 pm 2/01 of 2013

    is there a way t run it without a mac .????? help

  2. wvo0ovw 11:56 pm 2/01 of 2013

    So to Install Lion on a PC / Laptop i need a mac?? okay im going to buy a macbook pro to be able to do this on my laptop, nice troll osx86tutorials..
    btw i just wanted to watch because years earlier i wanted to do this, then i bought an iMac for one year and now im back to Windows again because i realized that am simply a Windows guy.

  3. CRYOmine 12:31 am 3/01 of 2013

    wtf man?

  4. gingerstalker777 1:11 am 3/01 of 2013

    You can install snow leopard on a PC and use that to create the installers for Lion.

  5. gingerstalker777 1:52 am 3/01 of 2013

    You can install snow leopard on a PC and use that to create the installers for Lion.

  6. Заур Гиясов 2:36 am 3/01 of 2013

    Я хотел бы получить помощь в установке mac on acer s3 laptop!?

  7. CRYOmine 3:07 am 3/01 of 2013

    OH MY GOD! I hate you! Why the fuck would be already have a mac? That fucking defeats the purpose!

  8. Daniel Caspiani 4:02 am 3/01 of 2013

    hey could you make a tutorial on how to get mac os snow leopard ot lion on a amd pc ??? and start from a normal pc without mac os installed if you do that i make more than 20 people subscribe and like and favorite your videos :)

  9. spmboy17 4:11 am 3/01 of 2013

    I Have successfully install this on my pc….
    amd fx8120
    asus sabertooth 990fx
    8gb ram rip jaws
    560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC
    send me a message maybe i can help u.

  10. imacnewbie 4:16 am 3/01 of 2013

    Please reupload the tutorial files again. The link doesn’t work.

  11. razxorx 4:38 am 3/01 of 2013

    I’ve also tried the bootoption “busratio=17 cpus=1 -v -x -f” but that yielded the same results as the others. Have you got any idea what it can be? Is it my old computer that not compatible? Regards

  12. razxorx 4:55 am 3/01 of 2013

    Hey, I encounter this problem when I’m trying to install the osx86 leopard 10.5.6 on my computer Asus N90 (2.66GHz intel core 2 duo t9550, 4GB pc2-6400 RAM, Nvidia GeForce GT130M 1GB GDDR2 VRAM). I get to the darwin boot menu and I chose -v as boot option, but when I do this all I can see is some text flashing by way to fast for the to be able to read it, then the computer restarts. If i run w/o boot options I just see the apple logo for 1½ second then the computer restarts again.

  13. Jorge Lavorerio 5:39 am 3/01 of 2013

    Is there a way to install different music with this video? I cant watch it, but I am interested in the content.

  14. theawesomeness9911 6:12 am 3/01 of 2013

    do we NEED to install lion or will snow leopard work fine?

  15. ImSoFkingSweet 6:21 am 3/01 of 2013

    how can i install os x lion without installing mac os x sl before?? is there’s anyway to do it except vmware installation

  16. gcjackofalltrades 6:37 am 3/01 of 2013

    My I7 Mac OSX Lion Hackintosh If anyone interested in buying go to my channel for the link!!!

  17. MrJ0mmy 6:49 am 3/01 of 2013

    Apple forces Wired to take down netbook OSx86 video


  18. RetardedTwists 7:37 am 3/01 of 2013

    will wifi work?

  19. Madblaster89 7:55 am 3/01 of 2013

    ROFL. I never seen someone as dumb as you. You were giving a solution and still whining that there is a problem. No one is forcing you to like anything.

  20. theharlinator 8:47 am 3/01 of 2013

    Silence is GOLDEN DICK! Why have some crap music shoved down your throat on a tutorial for installing an OS? Dork!

  21. Madblaster89 8:59 am 3/01 of 2013

    ass just turn off the volume. Freeking idiot.

  22. dosdude1 9:46 am 3/01 of 2013

    Do I have to have a computer running lion to make the USB drive? Or can I use one with Leopard? And also will this run on a 1.86 Ghz Intel Celeron processor (single core)?

  23. Sampelmind81 10:28 am 3/01 of 2013

    hey!! thank you for this video, i have one question,is the ahcpi modus for this installation way needed?my hp pavilion g7 haven`t this ahcpi modus…..
    thanks a lot

  24. Omar Zamudio 11:07 am 3/01 of 2013

    those anyone have an install for amd processor and is there a difference if its 64 or 32 bit/?


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