Archlinux 2012 isntall - How to Install Arch Linux [UPDATED: 11/26/2012]

30th of December 2012 24

How to Install Arch Linux [UPDATED: 11/26/2012]

**NOTICE: ‘/etc/rc.conf’ has been deprecated. It has been replaced with ‘systemd’. I would highly recommend taking a look at the wiki entry for ‘systemd’.** Arch Linux Download: ArchWiki – UEFI System Partition: ArchWiki – Wireless Setup ** Annotation Additions **
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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Jessika Eichel 2:15 pm 30/12 of 2012

    # pacman -S gnome

    have fun :)

  2. paris pollathes 2:51 pm 30/12 of 2012

    hello i have a question , i ve done all without errors.i start the login , i press root i put the password and then what? how i “install” the graphical user interface ? thanks!

  3. Mathijs Planting 3:17 pm 30/12 of 2012

    Perfect tutorial, I couldn’t have done better!

  4. RedDragonSmaug 3:59 pm 30/12 of 2012

    This is brilliant, exactly what I was looking for. Now I have no more excuse not to tackle installing Arch… next hurdle though is figuring out which desktop environment I should use…

  5. allem paroi 4:01 pm 30/12 of 2012

    NIce guide n thanks…for the perfectly tutorial.

  6. Arya Putra 4:17 pm 30/12 of 2012

    Best tutorial in the world..kudos!

  7. AisxulosofEleusis 4:55 pm 30/12 of 2012

    I solved it. I hadn’t written /etc/locale.conf right.

    Excellent tutorial, kyau. Clear and easy to follow.

  8. AisxulosofEleusis 5:33 pm 30/12 of 2012

    When I login I get the message:
    -bash: LANG-en_GB.UTF-8: command not found

    What’s that about? Sorry, Im new to this. I was educated in Windows.

  9. Louis Winter 6:12 pm 30/12 of 2012

    I installed ubuntu today (I actully used Kubuntu)

  10. x0fx3 6:50 pm 30/12 of 2012

    I’m thinking about giving Arch a go. I consider myself a Linux newb and heard that Arch is a good way to learn the ins and outs of Linux.

  11. jadacez 7:36 pm 30/12 of 2012

    Thank you man, for the perfectly done tutorial, got mine 100% working :)

  12. RobyLSD89 8:30 pm 30/12 of 2012

    Nice guide…i love arch linux but he is too difficult to install,btw congratulation :)

  13. at54tl 8:50 pm 30/12 of 2012

    Installation is easier to install and quicker. but if you like heavy customization maybe use Arch..

  14. Sean Bruen 9:38 pm 30/12 of 2012

    This has changed recently due to systemd. Instead of using ‘loadkeys’, a simple ‘localectl set-keymap dvorak’ should suffice. To make this change permanent after installation add ‘KEYMAP=”dvorak”‘ to your ‘/etc/vconsole.conf’.

  15. WASDsweden 9:41 pm 30/12 of 2012


  16. at54tl 9:59 pm 30/12 of 2012

    Ubuntu is better

  17. Sean Bruen 10:42 pm 30/12 of 2012

    Be sure to enable the annotations in the video as they explain things that have changed with current updates to Arch.

  18. TheCynysterMind 11:39 pm 30/12 of 2012

    Love your vid. But it demonstrates how frustrating Arch linux is to newbies. as soon as you chroot you don’t have access to the grub autoconfig that you downloaded previously. Not to mention that they deprecated the rc.conf and didn’t bother to update the docs. At this point I am marking the install as getting to be a big a pain as Gentoo was.
    With that said your directions were well done. Thanks for the effort.

  19. Matt Della 12:21 am 31/12 of 2012

    Is there a way to download pre-configured Arch ISOs? I’d like to start off with at least a GUI…

  20. Otto Kurunczi 12:52 am 31/12 of 2012

    Hi, you are referring to archwiki for UEFI installation. Could you please make a video showing that process step by step?

  21. ekogenuine 1:23 am 31/12 of 2012

    how i can install programmer DVORAK during installation?
    txh :)

  22. Richard Forbes 1:43 am 31/12 of 2012

    This is a great video on how to install the newer snapshots of Arch. Going to share this video on Google+! Thanks for the awesome video! Arch in my opinion is a spectacular distro.

  23. Martin Jørgensen 1:53 am 31/12 of 2012

    Really good video

  24. Stathis L 2:46 am 31/12 of 2012

    Great help, thank you!


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