Ideapad y580 unlock hyperthreading - HOW TO: Enable/Disable HyperThreading on an Intel CPU

5th of March 2013 23

HOW TO: Enable/Disable HyperThreading on an Intel CPU

I go through the basic steps on how to enable or disable hyperthreading on your Intel processor via your motherboard’s BIOS utility. More information about Intel HyperThreading Technology can be found here:
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  1. Felipe Cid 7:59 pm 5/03 of 2013

    oye active HyperThreading pero ahora no puedo entrar a la bios presiono f2 y no entra que puedo hacer?

  2. Epiphany K 8:59 pm 5/03 of 2013

    which NB are you using? so much bios options…nice,on the otherhand that..GT60 which is high level gaming laptop only has few options in BIOS…

  3. danwat1234 9:38 pm 5/03 of 2013

    At least it’s not a 1.2GHZ Atom! The Inspiron is a 1.2GHZ Sandy Bridge dual core so it’s probably equal to about a 2GHZ core 2 duo

  4. Sn1p3nHappy 10:34 pm 5/03 of 2013

    1.2 GHZ LMFAO

  5. CChaoticGaming 10:52 pm 5/03 of 2013

    In most cases, hyperthreading will not help gaming. If by keeping hyperthreading disabled your computer temperatures are lower (this is especially important in laptops) then its better to keep it off

  6. kasha king 11:27 pm 5/03 of 2013

    Hey man my question might sound Retarded but,what is HyperThreading and can it help me in Gaming if it is Enabled??? :D

  7. Damnation1991 12:16 am 6/03 of 2013

    Find a BIOS mod and flash your current bios to gain access to extra features.

  8. Douglas Hurlburt 12:44 am 6/03 of 2013

    If only I had access to a y580 I would. Unfortunately I’m limited in what hardware I have.

  9. Douglas Hurlburt 12:59 am 6/03 of 2013

    unfortunately many manufacturers limit the settings that will show up in your BIOS, effectively limiting what the end-user can do. There wouldn’t be any software solution to this as you aren’t inside the operating system. This is a hardware limitation that was imposed by the manufacturer of the motherboard or computer

  10. danwat1234 1:03 am 6/03 of 2013

    Well hyperthreading is supported by the processor but can’t disable it. 2 logical cores, 2 real cores in task manager.

  11. Bam Ham 1:40 am 6/03 of 2013

    It means that your processor doesn’t support it.

  12. sceneman26 2:00 am 6/03 of 2013

    Same exact laptop.

  13. thornox909 2:25 am 6/03 of 2013

    I just got mine, I agree!

  14. idontlikeyahoo 2:52 am 6/03 of 2013

    can you do one for lenovo ideapad y580 because i cant find the setting pleassseeeee

  15. danwat1234 3:06 am 6/03 of 2013

    Hmm what if the hyperthreading option isn’t in the bios of my inspiron m101z with the core i3 1.2GHZ processor, is there a windows-software solution?

  16. pixelperfect37 3:45 am 6/03 of 2013

    please personal message me here is my question. i was trying to download a program but it wouldnt let me finish installation. it said that my processor speed was too slow. i look at my speed and it wasnt even a full Ghz or what there any way i can disable the stupid requirment so i can use the program please answer please im begging

  17. CreazyR0B0T 4:26 am 6/03 of 2013

    Thank you so much.. that was so useful. I appreciate it

  18. dirtbikerdann 4:30 am 6/03 of 2013

    1:42 where it starts =D

  19. Subcidal 5:05 am 6/03 of 2013

    Yeah it will be no problem, It won’t affect your performance at all in skyrim, It may even help because your CPU will be running cooler, and cooler is always better when it comes to electronics.

    You’ll just notice it takes a bit longer to load programs like photoshop or windows movie maker for example.

  20. Richard Kovacsics 5:15 am 6/03 of 2013

    Okay, but my i5 is a dual core processor that has hyper-threading, so it has 4 logical cores, will I be able to play games such as Skyrim and such on that?

  21. Subcidal 6:14 am 6/03 of 2013

    Unless your using a lot of programs like photoshop, and other things similar to it than it’s pretty much useless. Game’s don’t use it so its much more usefull to turn it off and save power/heat and you can even bump up your clock at that point.

  22. Richard Kovacsics 6:39 am 6/03 of 2013

    Is there a down side to hyper-threading? Is there a particular reason why you wouldnt want to have hyper-threading turned on?

  23. gcon92 7:15 am 6/03 of 2013

    Thank you very much! Very easy because I’m also a ThinkPad owner :)!


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