How to Build an Intel X79 Custom PC 1/2

26th of December 2012 25

How to Build an Intel X79 Custom PC 1/2

ASUS gives an overview of components selected as well as build process of an ASUS X79 PC. ASUS X79 Build List Case: Corsair Carbide Series 400R Motherboard: ASUS P9X79 Pro CPU: 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3960X Graphics: ASUS Matrix GTX580 Memory: 32gb 1600 Corsair Vengence 4Gb Quad Channel Memory SSD: 120GB Corsair Force Series 3 Hard Drive: 2tb Western Digital Caviar Black Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H60 Power Supply: Corsair Gold AX750 Fans: 120mm Cooler Master Excaliber Audio: ASUS Xonar DX Optical Drive: ASUS BW-12B1ST Blu-ray Burner

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  1. Mark Herndon 2:04 am 26/12 of 2012

    I stopped the video at the 7 minute point because I felt there was a bit too much blah blah blah and not enough close ups of the action aka installation of components and getting the settings right for the motherboard bios. Each of us I am sure want to have custom items and various options should be visualized/demonstrated.

  2. akchronic79 2:40 am 26/12 of 2012

    Thats a great build. I went for the same result. Strong mobo/pc. Even then you could swap in a stronger cpu, but youre right with the gpu upgrade path. Cool to see similar views and interests between builds.

    What is your gpu setup? Single/SLI? Im thinking an additional 660 in sli would be beneficial, but for an extra 300 im not too sure if it justifies the purchase. The 192bit on this card is a drag to be honest..

  3. B Davis 3:35 am 26/12 of 2012

    Video was made before the GTX660 was released. I actually just built a machine like this using a 660GTX. No need at the moment for anything more for me. I wanted a bit of overkill for the CPU/MB combo as this is the area that is meant to last the longest, while the GPU can be easily replaced as the need arises. Last PC lasted for 6 years, with one GPU upgrade, so I hope this one does the same.

  4. cerdjee4 4:06 am 26/12 of 2012

    we’re talking about a hexacore workstation here…not a mid-end gaming rig…

  5. MrBonami2 4:10 am 26/12 of 2012

    eh i run bf3 with 4gb…

  6. akchronic79 4:30 am 26/12 of 2012

    X79 build with a GTX590? Way to cheap out. Who in their right mind would dish out the coin for an X79 and only top it with a single 590. Nothing less than GTX660 IMO… SLI690s if youre serious

  7. akchronic79 5:00 am 26/12 of 2012

    Lol someones on the liquor

  8. cerdjee4 5:08 am 26/12 of 2012

    yea, I noticed…oops

  9. robotluke123 6:01 am 26/12 of 2012

    not all some only have 4 but 8 is common..

  10. wsxe5011 6:43 am 26/12 of 2012

    lol they have a old bord i have a z77

  11. cerdjee4 7:25 am 26/12 of 2012

    ah well, 16 gigs is still more than sufficient for most users

  12. ThePresD 7:58 am 26/12 of 2012

    well now hearing all this my 16gb feelsi REALLY outdated! LOL :D

  13. cerdjee4 8:10 am 26/12 of 2012

    I meant at least 64 gigs, but I was wrong by the way. and yes, that could be possible. there’s also an msi board that can take 128gigs…it’s not really that big a factor because there are no dimms that are bigger than 8gigs for the regular consumers, such as the likes of us.

  14. ThePresD 8:46 am 26/12 of 2012

    What about the SRX? I heard it can take 96GB?

  15. cerdjee4 9:25 am 26/12 of 2012

    ahh yup, you’re right…my bad,

  16. cerdjee4 9:31 am 26/12 of 2012

    what board do you have?

  17. amaralvictor 10:05 am 26/12 of 2012

    Not true, my mobo only handles 32GB

  18. GingerHamster19 10:33 am 26/12 of 2012

    i know, but he does video rendering etc, he doesnt have it just for minecraft. you see no benefit from usings lots of ram in games.

  19. Dzik Putih 10:50 am 26/12 of 2012

    when you visit elric’s pc from motherboardsorg..his ram value are 96GB…-_-

  20. GingerHamster19 11:00 am 26/12 of 2012

    Thats just stupid really. 

  21. Sai Karthik 11:53 am 26/12 of 2012


  22. bharat patidar 12:36 pm 26/12 of 2012

    If you want to build strength, you should look up on google Max Muscle Method. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  23. Dzik Putih 1:11 pm 26/12 of 2012

    nice,,,i want this…for minecraft..LOL

  24. cerdjee4 2:08 pm 26/12 of 2012

    all x79 boards take 64 gig

  25. Rockdaground 2:13 pm 26/12 of 2012

    I know the deluxe version takes up to 64.


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