How To Build A Gaming PC (Part 1)

20th of November 2012 19

How To Build A Gaming PC (Part 1)

In Part 1 I will start by prepping the case and installing motherboard, followed by installing the processor, CPU cooler, and RAM. Then install graphics card, case fans, power supply, HDD, DVD Drive, and hook up the front panel connetions. MSI 990FXA-GD65 AMD FX-6100 Gigabyte GeForce GTX550ti G. Skill Ripjaw RAM Seagate Barracuda SATA 6.0Gb/s HDD
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  1. ElegantMessTechPC 2:08 am 20/11 of 2012

    Depends, the original MSi 990FX Mob needed a BIOS update before you could install the FX series CPU’s, but that was over a yr. a yr. ago, so the newer ones don’t need it.

  2. Axel Peeters 2:38 am 20/11 of 2012

    you dont have to flash something before it will work

  3. ElegantMessTechPC 2:46 am 20/11 of 2012

    sorry your message didn’t show up in my email, but yes the new GeForce GTX 600 Series that is PCI-E 3.0 is backwards compatible with any PCI-E 2.0 As it is now, there are no AMD motherboards that even have PCI-E 3.0 even the new FX Vishera chipset doesn’t but I do believe they’re implementing it in the next chipset.

  4. ElegantMessTechPC 3:10 am 20/11 of 2012

    It’s the NZXT M59 Case

  5. ElegantMessTechPC 3:27 am 20/11 of 2012

    All personal preference my friend :)

  6. mitzkiro58 4:03 am 20/11 of 2012

    NZXT source 220?

  7. mitzkiro58 4:04 am 20/11 of 2012

    the new gtx 3.0 600 series supports to this 990fxa?

  8. alxcsb 5:01 am 20/11 of 2012

    Motherboard usually goes in after you install the CPU and cooler. PSU goes in the other way around so the fan sucks in cooler air through the grill cut in the bottom of the case.

  9. ElegantMessTechPC 5:41 am 20/11 of 2012

    I was able to use the FX-6100 on this motherboard straight out of the box, although I did read that some had to update BIOS first for it to work. I do believe that was with the older version though so you should be fine, unless your having problems that is. I did update the BIOS afterwards, but it did work without it. The M-Flash utility in the BIOS is a very easy to use feature. Just download the new BIOS to a flash drive (empty flash drive only) and and insert drive, restart, and enter BIOS.

  10. EternalCrimsonSoul 6:40 am 20/11 of 2012

    did you have to flash the bios on this motherboard to get the fx 6100 to work

  11. ElegantMessTechPC 7:20 am 20/11 of 2012

    If you have any questions, comment, or concerns, please feel free to email through the link in craigslist given in description. Thanks :-)

  12. 3rdThe3rd 7:58 am 20/11 of 2012

    Debating if I want to buy this or not..

  13. ElegantMessTechPC 8:39 am 20/11 of 2012

    Thank you, I do appreciate it. If you have any questions or requests please feel free. This build as you said is for sale, but I will be covering CossfireX and Overclocking this weekend on my PC, you should check it out because my personal desktop is a BEAST ! :-) thanks again

  14. ElegantMessTechPC 9:38 am 20/11 of 2012

    Will do :-)

  15. Jose Rivera 10:25 am 20/11 of 2012

    im looking at the pictures of it you have on Craigslist… you got the lighting perfect. if i didnt already build one i would buy it, imma buy the same case as you tho, i love it… Good job on this

  16. optimusmagnum 11:15 am 20/11 of 2012

    U should change Title to How To Build a Gaming PC

  17. ElegantMessTechPC 11:35 am 20/11 of 2012

    Thats good to hear, because it can be a headache. :-)

  18. Manu3lxD 12:20 pm 20/11 of 2012

    oh thx men
    and shop MSI 990FXA-GD65 + AMD FX-8150 + corsair 600w
    follow your instructions and now I’m better XD

  19. ElegantMessTechPC 12:21 pm 20/11 of 2012

    Please feel free to comment, request, and subscribe.


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