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How do I change Windows 8 startup settings to DVD?!!?

Question by Jessica F: How do I change Windows 8 startup settings to DVD?!!?
I just bought a new computer and it already came with Windows 8 downloaded on it.
My mother wants to change the startup settings to DVD.

I go to the startup menu and get to troubleshoot, from troubleshoot I click on advanced options, then UEFI Firmware settings and then press restart but after that I don’t get a BIOS setup utility screen, however it does take me to something like it but DOES NOT have the boot order on it.
Now, do I have to dowload Bios Update Utility on it so that I can change the 1st boot order to the dvd drive?

I go on any online website and I follow all these steps for Windows 8 and they seem to have a BIOS menu that I don’t have. Im wondering if that means I have to download BIOS Update Utility on my computer for me to get the same screen as those other people. Or does that mean they had Windows 7 on their computer and just downloaded Windows 8 because my computer was just bought last month and theres no way I can go back to Windows 7?

Download a BIOS Update Utility like this:

Pretty please help me! :'(

Best answer:

Answer by Antoni
What is the make and model of your computer?… anyway it says from the manual:

1. As your PC boots and you see the logo press the F1 key.
2. Select the “Startup” tab from the BIOS screen.
3. Select the “Boot” section and select the boot order.

You can also press F12 when PC is starting to select the boot device.

-hope this helps!!

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  1. D 3:05 pm 1/04 of 2013

    This is not a Windows issue, it’s an issue with how the computer is set up. Many computers hide the BIOS completely now. I’d consult the manual or support page for the model of computer that you have. Sometimes you have to press f2 or f10, sometimes you start the computer while holding down a certain key, like f1 or esc.



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