Dell computer boot issues uefi - Help with Dell Boot Disk Issues?

18th of February 2014 0

Help with Dell Boot Disk Issues?

Question by Sunden: Help with Dell Boot Disk Issues?
I’m trying to boot my Dell with a Ubuntu boot disk but having problems. For some reason, the disk is not showing up in the boot manager. I thought maybe it was the disk, but no, because it works fine on my other computer.
The computer having problems will not recognize the Ubuntu disk but it WILL recognize the UEFI windows 7 clean install disk that I also have. I can boot from that one, but not the other one.
Why is this happening?


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Answer by Bassman1
If you want to install an operating system or test Linux with a LiveCD, you need to use a bootable CD. You can boot from a CD on a Dell computer two different ways.
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