Msi p67a-gd65 efi boot - Guru3D MSI P67A-GD65 EFI BIOS Footage

1st of March 2013 15

Guru3D MSI P67A-GD65 EFI BIOS Footage

This small EFI BIOS overview is part of a written article located at and demonstrates the beauty that is the new EFI motherboard BIOS
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15 great comment(s) for this post

  1. MrBaronBirra 8:43 am 1/03 of 2013

    How can i remap the memory? My win 7 ultimate 64 bit see only 8 gb and i’ve 16 gb

  2. turbodude555 8:43 am 1/03 of 2013

    This mobo is dire, looks nothing like this, flickers and does all sorts of wired crap :(

  3. gippula 9:40 am 1/03 of 2013

    how do you flash the bios from usb-stick? i started flashing the 1.b version of the bios from msi’s website. at uefi bios it started flashing from the usb-stick and booted after that. but it still shows the bios version 1.23 or something. the bios did go to default settings but still shows the older version. HELP!!!!!!

  4. steliostymvios 10:11 am 1/03 of 2013

    @futk797tcbery ur fail, read product description first, this requirs 50 IQ, if you don’t have it better give your pc to someone with more than it

  5. zelly2k9 11:05 am 1/03 of 2013

    is this recomended with the i5-2500k and 8gb of corsair xms3 1600mhz ram? Need a stable mobo for overclocking and space for sli and my xonar dx soundcard

  6. zilkoify 11:19 am 1/03 of 2013

    Ye, msi boards are pretty much peace of shit products, but in gpu side they are great. I’ll prefer asus or gigabyte when going on motherboards quality stuff right there

  7. cacahahacaca 11:44 am 1/03 of 2013

    Does anyone know if a Mugen-2 fits together with G.SKILL Ripjaws RAM?

  8. buzony27 12:09 pm 1/03 of 2013

    written on seventh minut video !!!

  9. Ady2160 12:28 pm 1/03 of 2013

    this is my next motherboard :)

  10. trquantum 12:59 pm 1/03 of 2013

    who needs windows when msi efi bios has the best games :)

  11. Dreas89 1:57 pm 1/03 of 2013

    What song is this?

  12. BlackSlash13 2:27 pm 1/03 of 2013

    Hilbert, enable AHCI, not IDE ;)

  13. chilliedog2918 2:37 pm 1/03 of 2013

    that would alot better than the regular crapy screen

  14. Dudero123 2:41 pm 1/03 of 2013

    Neat “BIOS” and good song choice.

  15. CerealzTheDude 3:01 pm 1/03 of 2013

    pretty neat bios


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