Do 3d bios work - Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H 3D BIOS

5th of November 2012 12

Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H 3D BIOS

We check out the Dual UEFI 3D BIOS on Gigabyte’s GA-Z77X-UD3H Motherboard. Read the full performance review at DecryptedTech:
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12 great comment(s) for this post

  1. scsion 10:54 am 5/11 of 2012

    have de the mobo coupled with a razer copperhead, the mouse pointer is there but it doesn’t work..can anyone confirm what other usb rats work with this?

  2. assassino1002 10:55 am 5/11 of 2012

    thats alright 2500K is still beast! yeah you probably should reinstall the thermal paste again, i dont know much about the Arctic Cooler Freezer Pro 13 but i doubt it is supposed to be running at 85 degrees on full load.

  3. MrMuwexOTHER 11:06 am 5/11 of 2012

    I mean i have i5 2500k soz. And it’s overheating i think i should install thermal paste again. I have my old Arctic cooling freezer 13 pro. And my 2500k gets 85 at full load :( and it’s at 4.5Ghz. I have problem with my newwest bios version and i think i should meaby install older bios. I can’t get turbo cores work with this bios.

  4. assassino1002 11:39 am 5/11 of 2012

    nice matee, how hot does your 3770K get? and what cooler you have?

  5. MrMuwexOTHER 12:16 pm 5/11 of 2012

    I have same set ;)

  6. assassino1002 12:46 pm 5/11 of 2012

    Same board im buying and same CPU! :D

  7. Decryptedtech 12:51 pm 5/11 of 2012

    by manually I mean you cannot directly type in the values. you have to move up or down in the list in steps.

  8. k0feiini 1:23 pm 5/11 of 2012

    Just a tip, at 2:10 you say you can’t manually set the value, but like the information box on the bottom right says, you need to use + and – to change the values.

  9. Decryptedtech 1:39 pm 5/11 of 2012

    There is room for imrovement in response, but it is still a good move for them and we are sure they will improve it over time.

  10. MoseGames 2:22 pm 5/11 of 2012

    I love this bios and how it has the mouse pointer. I will be getting either this or an asrock mobo soon :)

  11. RATSHADY 2:43 pm 5/11 of 2012

    Nice review

  12. KanadianKyuubi 3:35 pm 5/11 of 2012

    Well, be glad they got mouse support and window management to begin with. That’s definitely a plus of UEFI


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