Z77x secureboot - Gigabyte Z68X-UD5-B3 Motherboard Unboxing

24th of November 2012 25

Gigabyte Z68X-UD5-B3 Motherboard Unboxing

Unboxing and Overview of the one of the newest Z68 Motherboards from Gigabyte, the Gigabyte Z68X-UD5-B3 Socket LGA 1155 Sandy Bridge Motherboard. This Motherboard has 4 USB 3.0 on the IO panel 4 available via an internal header, SATA 6Gbps Support, Hybrid EFI BIOS, Dual BIOS Chips 3 way Nvidia SLI and ATI/AMD CrossFireX Support. All on a Matte Black PCB! Full Details www.gigabyte.com

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25 great comment(s) for this post

  1. stuart38 2:35 pm 24/11 of 2012


  2. JamesDwho 2:46 pm 24/11 of 2012

    i know for a fact that the Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8 8GB 1600Mhz RAM is compatible

  3. stuart38 2:54 pm 24/11 of 2012

    what memory is compatible with this board,lads,as the gigabyte site that lists that show sticks it recommends is a year old now.any replies would be appreciated.

  4. MiniPig30n 3:49 pm 24/11 of 2012

    is there enough room on it for a thermaltake frio advanced?

  5. ducatiist 4:30 pm 24/11 of 2012

    What we do in life… echos in eternity! :)

  6. JamesDwho 4:59 pm 24/11 of 2012

    no problem, and thanks

  7. CamiloJimenz 5:09 pm 24/11 of 2012

    thanks so much :D i subscribe your channel

  8. JamesDwho 6:02 pm 24/11 of 2012

    the Z68XP-UD5 was created after intel fixed the SATA port problem on the Z68 chipset, both boards use B3 Stepping chips

  9. CamiloJimenz 6:16 pm 24/11 of 2012

    is better with b3?

  10. JamesDwho 7:00 pm 24/11 of 2012

    the Z68XP-UD5 has HDMI on the I/O Panel and has support for Lucid Virtu (aka using the built in intel graphics chip as well as the video card)

  11. CamiloJimenz 7:02 pm 24/11 of 2012

    difference with z68xp ud5 b3? 

  12. Lewis Younger 7:27 pm 24/11 of 2012

    does the p67 ud5 come with a front panel usb 3.0 box?

  13. RA1KU 8:09 pm 24/11 of 2012

    get a 850 gold corsair PSU that will handle the SLI well and doesn’t cost as much.

  14. MERCENARYVII 8:20 pm 24/11 of 2012

    I have the p67 version of this beast and it over-clocks so easliy

  15. FedoraFTW 9:08 pm 24/11 of 2012

    haha alright sorry. i don’t think it’s stupid but if your buying this board your def going to have a dedicated video card.

  16. AgraelDemonLord 9:14 pm 24/11 of 2012

    I know you cretin, but mobo don`t have any video output at I/O ports. You can not use integrated graphic in CPU. Read carefully next time.

  17. FedoraFTW 10:02 pm 24/11 of 2012

    You’re an idiot, the LGA 1155 CPU line from intel all have GPU’s built into the CPU.

  18. AgraelDemonLord 10:06 pm 24/11 of 2012

    Z68 motherboard without any video output … another fail for Gigabyte

  19. PathologyGaming 11:05 pm 24/11 of 2012

    Okay kool, Ill try and make my own computer ill think about it man, ill try :P

  20. JamesDwho 11:07 pm 24/11 of 2012

    well u could build ur own, there are plenty of videos and tutorials on youtube about how to build a complete system and its likely that the ram has 8-8-8-24 latencies or lower, as for the HDD its probably from the Western Digital Caviar Black series so all good there

  21. PathologyGaming 11:48 pm 24/11 of 2012

    Oh well im not building my own computer…I kinda suck at all of that :P im just choosing out specs for this guy who builds them I have a few options for the motherboard and I wanted to see the better one, because I got scammed into buy a horrid one a few years bad, so I came here to check it out and you have been very very helpful. All I can send is my Ram Speed and HDD

    My HDD Speed Is: 7,200RPM 64MB Cache
    My RAM Speed Is: Low-Latency DDR3-1600MHz RAM

  22. JamesDwho 12:37 am 25/11 of 2012

    well i have an unboxing video of the i5 2500K i cover the main differences there and as for the HDD and Ram could u send me the product page urls

  23. PathologyGaming 1:09 am 25/11 of 2012

    This is my Ram Speed DDR3-1600MHz RAM

    And my HDD speed 7,200RPM 64MB Cache

  24. PathologyGaming 2:07 am 25/11 of 2012

    Oh yea may I also ask would this motherboard support turboboost? I cant grab the I5 2000K as much as Id love to I just cant, kinda sucks really but im fine with 3.8GHz….Thanks

  25. PathologyGaming 2:51 am 25/11 of 2012

    Ah kay man, so what is the difference with the I5 and I7? and How would I OC it safely. Oh BTW Thankx and I subbed ;)


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