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24th of April 2013 3

First public demo of next generation BIOS, the EFI

EFI is the next generation of computer BIOS. It has graphic user interface, is user friendly, and offers basic functions without loading OS (also playing med…
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  1. blakegriplingph 8:39 am 24/04 of 2013

    Yeah, it would’ve looked better if they ditched the overly cheesy graphics with a minimalist GUI.

  2. William Shirkie 9:37 am 24/04 of 2013

    This was not the first public demo. Apple have used EFI since they started using Intel in 2006. When they used PowerPC they used Open Firmware/Open Boot. :)

    No BIOS at all ha :) x

  3. dushanostoich 10:18 am 24/04 of 2013

    cool :) but that GUI is stupid with too many animations and pictures ,and can you navigate it only with keyboard ?


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