EVGA P67 FTW Motherboard – EVGA E-Leet Tuning Utility Overview

25th of February 2013 1

EVGA P67 FTW Motherboard – EVGA E-Leet Tuning Utility Overview

www.hitechlegion.com –For the full review and benchmarks The EVGA P67 FTW motherboard is EVGA’s flagship entry for Sandy Bridge systems. The EVGA P67 FTW motherboard comes in two variants: the standard KR version and the premium K2 variant which is exactly like the KR except with the addition of the EVGA Control Panel V4 and EVGauge tachometer bundled. The EVGA P67 FTW inherits a lot of the features that made the P55 Classified 200 standout from the competition including extra 8-pin EPS12V power connectors for overclocking and 5 PCIE x16 slots but also adds UEFI, USB 3.0 and a Compact Flash port for extra storage. Built for overclocking, the EVGA P67 FTW has a 12-phase CPU PWM, uses 100% Solid Japanese capacitors and has a higher gold content on the CPU brushes for an overall lower inductance. In case of an unstable overclock, the clear CMOS buttons found on-board or on the rear I/O can be used to reset the settings or you can also just simply flip the BIOS backup switch.

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  1. coolcar77 11:08 pm 25/02 of 2013

    so the board is good for overclocking…
    am i correct


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