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29th of March 2013 4

EFI BIOS (Asus mobo) boot to Windows

Návod pro spuštění windows7 na základní desce s BIOS rozhraním EFI. Instructions for running the windows7 on the motherboard with EFI BIOS interface.

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4 great comment(s) for this post

  1. KostasTheGhost 11:25 am 29/03 of 2013

    uninstall the marvell to stop “NO HARD DISK” BULLSHIT SCREEN

    on bios>onchip devices>marvel mode>disabled

    you good to go! dont forget to say thank you

  2. GtaKiller69 12:13 pm 29/03 of 2013

    so many errors on start!

  3. ca6aver 12:46 pm 29/03 of 2013

    That’s because it’s not a true implementation of uEFI. If it was running natively, there would be no Windows boot lag, it would go directly into the desktop. 

  4. uscmstormdog 1:04 pm 29/03 of 2013

    If it has Efi Bios why it’s showing old AMI bios in the beginning?


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