Detailed preview of ASRock X79 Overclock King Motherboards

21st of October 2012 24

Detailed preview of ASRock X79 Overclock King Motherboards Today is the big day for Intel and its new Sandy Bridge-E processors and X79 Express chipset platform. The NDA just came off moments ago and now we can give you the full run-down on the ASRock X79 Overclock King Series of motherboards based off the new platform. Last week we met up with Chris Lee, Director of Marketing, at the ASRock HQ here in Taipei where he gave us a full introduction to its first batch of X79 motherboards. ASRock is launching with five X79 boards right now including the Extreme3, Extreme4-M (Micro-ATX), Extreme4, Extreme7 and the Extreme9. We spent most of our time in the video above focused on the top-dog, the ASRock X79 Extreme9. This board is packed out with loads of good features including eight DDR3 DIMM slots for quad-channel memory support, five PCI-E x16 slots, active fan cooling for the X79 chipset, loads of SATA-III ports and full digital VRM power management with 18 phases of power for RAM (2) and CPU (16). One of the big additions with the Extreme9 is the bundle inclusion of the ASRock Game Blaster which is a PCI-E x1 add-on audio and LAN card which uses the quad-core Creative SoundCore 3D audio processing chip for greatly improved gaming audio support over usual onboard audio usually found on most motherboards. It comes with audio support for things like THX TruStudio Pro which provides THX TruStudio Pro Crystalizer, EAX and more. It also packs in another gigabit LAN port for functions such as dual LAN support. On the
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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. utoobuser101 7:59 pm 21/10 of 2012

    32gb boots just fine with me.

  2. Khai Bui 8:19 pm 21/10 of 2012

    wtf you gonna do w/ 32gb ? watch porn ?

  3. DracoAquarian1 9:03 pm 21/10 of 2012

    Hey Ho Chi Min, why don’t you learn English before you make instructional videos !!! Idiot

  4. TiredOldFart 9:42 pm 21/10 of 2012

    ASRock Board would not boot with 32gb memory installed. It would boot with 16gb at a time with any combination of two Corsair memory sticks. All memory all tested good, and is on the ASRock compatible list. This memory works perfectly in the Asus Rampage IV Extreme we used to replaced the ASRock mobo.

  5. tingokuman 10:25 pm 21/10 of 2012

    If you are buying it for gaming then you didn’t do your research. It’s more for Heavily Threaded programs like video editing and me this means you are reffering to the X79 as a viable choice for editors/encoding and not a 1st option for gamers.the X stands for EXTREME as in the editing world your looking for bandwith/stability not clock cycles.i know what an X79 is for i own 2 X79 builds my other one is a rampage i wouldnt even skype from that overclocked.

  6. Verethy 11:19 pm 21/10 of 2012

    Then you either didn’t read what I was responding to, or you are just ignoring it.
    I said nothing about THIS BOARD being more of a choice for people doing those tasks….

  7. tingokuman 11:40 pm 21/10 of 2012

    as so was i

  8. Verethy 11:42 pm 21/10 of 2012

    I was refering to the comment about using a 2011 socket in general, not this motherboard.

  9. tingokuman 12:39 am 22/10 of 2012

    ??? video editors will not need this asrock x79 or any x79 as a #1 option for editing either as it is chalked full of features a video editor will never use.the box says overclock king on it.overclocked hotrods do not provide a stable enviorment for encoding and rendering video.thats why i use a mac for video editing/music production xeon/tesla its 3 years old and will not overclock.i believe it will boost the fsb a tad.

  10. Verethy 1:08 am 22/10 of 2012

    If you are buying it for gaming then you didn’t do your research. It’s more for Heavily Threaded programs like video editing and encoding.

  11. WRITEPOWER 1:26 am 22/10 of 2012

    wtf? uploaded 2011??????????

  12. tingokuman 1:30 am 22/10 of 2012

    unless your a benchmark freak (like me) an X79 is a credit card busting waste of money my friends all use 2700k and 3770k and there fps arent much the real world those processors are a tad faster on things people actually rig was $4200.its so heavy i have COD partys at my house there rigs cost around $800-1500

  13. Aleksei9607 2:03 am 22/10 of 2012


  14. rob327c 2:32 am 22/10 of 2012

    should i buy this board or the asus extreme iv?

  15. John handcock 2:40 am 22/10 of 2012

    why cant they streamline this shit like get rid of matx make one solid line that uses one processor or another instead of 50 boards and yoour going wtf wtf is going on here… the industry is all over the board.. do like obd2 for cars for fuck sake

  16. razorx3113 2:51 am 22/10 of 2012

    I just got a Asrock x79 extreme 4, my first Asrock so we shall see. Look’s cool and good layout. I’ve used Abit(I’ll miss them) ASUS. The ASUS board I used did not work very well that’s why I went with Asrock. I’m sure it was just a bad board, happens. I miss ABIT, they were very reliable for me. Still have a IC7 board running for almost a decade.

  17. hpavin53 3:16 am 22/10 of 2012

    Just bought this mobo and they should have put the on-board fan on the north bridge and not the south. North bridge runs so hot at nominal clock settings I had to but a small fan right on the little sucker. South bridge runs cool even with the fan turned off.

  18. TheFreedomSongs 4:15 am 22/10 of 2012

    i used to hate asrock, now i just cant give up using their products. regards from turkey. good review.

  19. 23hocke 4:47 am 22/10 of 2012

    No problem, I got mine there too!

  20. peerguy 5:22 am 22/10 of 2012

    Thanks mate! I bought one at Microcenter today after seeing your post.

  21. AmH032uTuBe 6:08 am 22/10 of 2012

    It’s an i7, of course it has HT, you are correct. They’re not too bad for the money I suppose. Try not to be so brusque though, I only forgot that they have HT. As they do, then it’s better.

  22. Cameron Znojemsky 7:01 am 22/10 of 2012

    Wow you have no idea, i went 3820, becuase there easy to OC (ppl have them up to 4.7ghz) and they do have HT, plus there cheaper than a 3770k… So do some research mate.

  23. mc lovin 7:14 am 22/10 of 2012

    that cape

  24. AmH032uTuBe 7:53 am 22/10 of 2012

    Yup; and there’s no point in getting a 3820 [in my opinion] due to there being no HT… well, when you can get a 2600K/2700K/3770K for a cheaper price and OC them quite a lot [at least SAB]. I’d personally choose a 3930K, but yeah… too expensive.


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