Clean install Of New OS, Harddrive Issues?

23rd of February 2014 0

Clean install Of New OS, Harddrive Issues?

Question by John: Clean install Of New OS, Harddrive Issues?
Got a hard drive that I had previously used as an external drive on my ps3. Wiped it out, slow method & i’m trying to install my recovery discs to install win8 on it & use in the laptop, but the UEFI boot options doesn’t show the files from the disc drive. Is the drive supposed to be formatted first, partitioned or wiped clean or what? That’s all I can think of to try

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Answer by Stevö©
Switch it over to Legacy mode in the BIOS. Boot with the Windows disk and go into Command console. Enter this.

list disk
select disk 0
convert mbr
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=ntfs quick

Then Reboot and install Windows.

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