Built a PC myself, Good Enough?

3rd of June 2014 4

Built a PC myself, Good Enough?

Question by Tarik: Built a PC myself, Good Enough?
Hello People. I Built This PC Myself. I Wonder if Its Good Enough to play all ganes. Not Nessecerly highest Settings.

*Processor – intel® Core i5-3570K Processor Socket-LGA1155, Quad Core, 3.4GHz, 6MB, 77W, HD4000, Boxed w/fan

*Motherboard – ASUS P8B75-M, Socket-1155 m-ATX, B75, DDR3, 1xG3+1xG2-PCIe-x16, 2xPCI, VGA, DVI, HDMI, UEFI

*DDR3 Memory – Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz 8GB Kit w/2X HyperX 4GB DDR3, CL9-9-9-27, 240pin

*Graphic Card – Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 1GB GDDR5 PCI-Express 3.0, DVI-I, DVI-D, native-HDMI, DisplayPort, 860MHz

*Harddrive – Seagate Barracuda® 1TB SATA 6Gb/s (SATA 3.0), 64MB Cache, 7200RPM, 3.5″

So What Do U guys think?

Best answer:

Answer by dale
I’d upgrade to an ASUS P8Z77 board to get the most out of your CPU, and don’t skimp on the PSU get a solid 500w Corsair, Seasonic or XFX.

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  1. Josh 7:31 pm 3/06 of 2014

    It would be better if u overclock it but u need a high end cooling system (liquid cooling )works best

  2. Larry 8:11 pm 3/06 of 2014

    I think that you’ve built yourself an excellent gaming computer that you’ll be very pleased with for years to come. You should be able to run any one of today’s games & in the future you could always upgrade your gpu if you need to bump up performance.

  3. Alex 8:37 pm 3/06 of 2014

    liquid cooling works best if you pay more money for it and you want to hit very high overclocks.

    A cooler master hyper 212 EVO is great for about £25 and it’s silent. if your looking for CPU cooling thats the best budget option.

    your processor should handle most games on full settings out at the moment even before overclocking it.

    your graphics card is good, not the best but still better than mine (HD 7770).

    i actually just started a youtube channel showing games you can play on builds such as yours.

    heres my channel- darthvadar16 – it says my build underneat so yours will perform better than what you see so you can have a look and see some games and how its performs.

    your build is great,

    i hope this helps and i hope you have a chance to check out my videos i think they’ll help show you what you wanted to know.

  4. Brett 8:41 pm 3/06 of 2014

    It should be able to play a lot on decent settings. The Radeon HD 7870 cards are significantly better than the 7850’s, I would have purchased one of those.


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