How to switch from bios-compatibility mode to uefi mode - BIOS UEFI 1208 Setting : ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX Overclock AMD FX 8120 5Ghz

12th of December 2012 25

BIOS UEFI 1208 Setting : ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX Overclock AMD FX 8120 5Ghz

ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX : BIOS UEFI Setting 1208 – Overclock AMD FX 8120 5Ghz !!! AMD FX-8120 3,1 @5,1Ghz Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX AMD MSI R6970 Lightning Corsair Vengeance Black 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1866 Corsair H100 Cooling Corsair GS800W CASE AeroCool Xpredator Black Edition Asus Xonar DX/XD Retail Kingston HyperX SSD – 120GB Samsung SpinPoint F3, HD502HJ, SATA II, 16MB – 500GB + 250 GB Ext….Saitek Cyborg Keyboard CZ Razer Imperator ROCCAT Kave Solid 5.1Gaming Headset Asus BC-12B1ST retail pack Windows 7 64bit Ultimate PC 2: Intel Core i5-2500 Noctua NH-U9B SE2 Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z Sapphire HD 7850 OC 2GB GDDR5 Kingston HyperX T1 8GB Creative Labs X-Fi CoolerMaster HAF-922 Titanium Corsair Professional Series HX650 Razer Abyssus A4TECH Win 7 64bit Kingston HyperX 3K – 120GB Samsung SyncMaster S27B350H WD Caviar Green AZ – 750GB Razer Abyssus a4tech
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25 great comment(s) for this post

  1. optimus439 2:35 pm 12/12 of 2012

    dude what song is that in the background

  2. tazigsxr75 3:21 pm 12/12 of 2012

    What is your RAM? and it is unnecessary OC Ram POWER I will not add :-)

  3. inks1969 3:52 pm 12/12 of 2012

    r u having problems overclocking your ram on new update

  4. tazigsxr75 4:28 pm 12/12 of 2012

    NEW BIOS !!!


  5. NazwaJestNiedostepna 5:16 pm 12/12 of 2012

    Hi, How You get BUS Frequency in BIOS? I try on 1208, 1304 and 1503 version BIOS, but is missing 2 options: “CPU Bus/PEG Frequency” and “PCIE Frequency”.

  6. tazigsxr75 6:04 pm 12/12 of 2012

    Satisfucktion - prophecy

  7. IGSXDJM92X 6:49 pm 12/12 of 2012

    off the subject of this but what is the song name because it sounds awsome

  8. Will Dav 7:14 pm 12/12 of 2012

    ooh ya i failed to mention before,using bios version 1304

  9. Will Dav 7:33 pm 12/12 of 2012

    hi can you help me please i recently got this motherboard and using a phenom ii x4 955,1600mhz ram and GTX 670 and for cooling corsair H100 with push pull configuration. trying to overclock at 4ghz but i’m not stable. stock is 3.2ghz. any hints and tips in successfully overclocking and remaining stable at 4ghz

  10. tazigsxr75 7:43 pm 12/12 of 2012

    I have a temperature of 50 to 60 at 4.8 and 5 GHz I have good airflow case :-) I think you have a temperature ok :-) You can tell when something blue death

  11. dQ2o3 8:29 pm 12/12 of 2012

    Hey bud should I worry because my CPU is temp is hitting 38-40C on 100% full load I tested the stability test on amd overdrive I overclcoked my CPu to 4.2ghz at 1.38750v and the temp is hitting at 38-40c on full load and my motherboard Is at 52c can u pls tell me if. Those temps are safe thabks

  12. Giorgos Charitos 9:07 pm 12/12 of 2012

    hello sir,
    what temperature the processor has to low and hi?

  13. dQ2o3 9:37 pm 12/12 of 2012

    hey how can i update the mobo my version like 900 somthing and when i try to set cpu voltage
    it stays at 0.7000000

  14. tazigsxr75 9:54 pm 12/12 of 2012

    Attention! I lost my profile :-( so i have everything set up again :-) BIOS 1304

  15. tazigsxr75 10:19 pm 12/12 of 2012

    NEW BIOS !!!

    Version 1304
    Description SABERTOOTH 990FX BIOS 1304
    1.Improve system stability.
    2.Enhance compatibility with some USB devices.
    File Size
    2,33 (MBytes) 2012.07.20 update

  16. tazigsxr75 10:34 pm 12/12 of 2012

    ok man good work :-)

  17. JohnMcCfatty 11:17 pm 12/12 of 2012

    no its not mate it doesnt matter i solved it now i just enabled power saving mode and its clocked at 3.4ghz so its all good :) thanks anyways

  18. tazigsxr75 12:09 am 13/12 of 2012

    Hi I know this :-) Your CPU is not enabled in the BIOS turbo mode?

  19. JohnMcCfatty 12:45 am 13/12 of 2012

    hiya can you help me please i recently got this motherboard and a phenom ii x4 965 as my first computer build and i dont want to overclock the cpu at all because im not confident enough to do that yet but in the bios it sais its overclocked automatically can you tell me how to make it run at stock speed please? its stock is 3.4ghz and its running at 3.7 atm for some reason

  20. tazigsxr75 1:27 am 13/12 of 2012

    How do you play the OC memory and rising tension, so often you’ll have a lot of system crash! Let are a fundamental cycle and pay the OC CPU VGA

  21. tazigsxr75 1:37 am 13/12 of 2012

    Curious clocked memory and voltage instability are problems with the system, I’m going to 1886Mhz 1.5 V and I have it :-) Sabertooth is stable and 2000 MHz, but for what? 2000MHz memory when you are in the manual are intended as Sabertooth and use them 2000 MHz, I have a 1886 1.5 V 8 gigabytes and everything goes as it should :-)
    I recommend to leave on the basic memory cycle manufacturer from 1333 1600 1866 2000 and focus on the CPU advisory graphic :-)

  22. tazigsxr75 2:23 am 13/12 of 2012

    Please, why do they keep picking up your memory? it is unnecessary and the difference between 1886 -2000 is almost the reverse, the CPU OC and advisory graphics and you have a problem :-)))))

  23. dQ2o3 3:17 am 13/12 of 2012

    is overclocking the ram to 2000mhz important cant I just use the
    CPU ratio and adjust the CPU voltage to overclock and not messing with the ram speed and dram voltage?

  24. Shah Arafat 4:08 am 13/12 of 2012

    So basically I just turn my bus speed to 215 and my ram will go up by 2005 and leave the dram voltage to 1.5v right bro

  25. Shah Arafat 4:43 am 13/12 of 2012

    Hey friend can u come online on I’m little confused and I would like talk to u on chat my email is


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