BIOS Problems with Asrock board?

4th of March 2014 2

BIOS Problems with Asrock board?

Question by Ravuhn: BIOS Problems with Asrock board?
I have recently built a new PC, but opon turning the system on and going through with setting up my BIOS settings. After that, I exit and am greeted to an error saying to select proper boot device. I look around and find that I needed to set my boot drive as my optical drive and put my Windows 7 disk in. Even after that, it still comes up with the error. I have an Asrock board with UEFI BIOS.
If you know how to fix this, please help.

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try to take it in to a shop or take it apart and look if the belt is ok this happened to my dad his friend at work built a computer and he had to go get a belt to fix it

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  1. S k 7:31 pm 4/03 of 2014

    Seems CD/DVD is not bootable or corrupted or problem with optical drive Check whether windows 7 CD/DVD works on other computer,if it works on other computer then you have a problem with your optical drive check all the connections and jumper settings.

  2. eric 8:23 pm 4/03 of 2014

    i would verify the windows 7 iso file. did you burn it correctly?


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