Moet je bios updates sabertooth z77 2013 - Asus Sabertooth Z77 UEFI version 1504

24th of February 2013 8

Asus Sabertooth Z77 UEFI version 1504

Updated the UEFI on both boards. Here’s the Sabertooth…
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  1. Donski II 8:33 pm 24/02 of 2013

    Are the little fans noisy?

  2. Drunkenvalley 9:11 pm 24/02 of 2013

    It’s not just the Sabertooth. Far as I know the other motherboards from Asus’ Z77 lineup are the same.

    However, I suspect it’s an update for the chipset in general, so I wouldn’t put it past AsRock to have similar BIOS updates to accomplish the same.

  3. tingokuman 10:00 pm 24/02 of 2013

    I didnt know tech like that building a i7 3770k rig fed by 2 ocz vertex 3s.the sabertooth wasnt in my budget.I was just about to buy a asrock extreme4 2 mins before i saw your video and i was like did i really just see that.ive heard this is the greatest mobo ever its not just hype.thanx for the info killer rig.

  4. drakesjamal 10:12 pm 24/02 of 2013

    how is the sabertooth 1504 bios working

  5. Drunkenvalley 10:43 pm 24/02 of 2013

    The coldest boot I could accomplish. (Shut down. Turned off powersupply or the power-strip it’s connected to. Give it about 30 seconds…)

  6. tingokuman 10:57 pm 24/02 of 2013

    dude was that from a cold boot or hibernation OMG

  7. Drunkenvalley 11:50 pm 24/02 of 2013

    Real. It was booting off of either a Ocz Max Iops 120GB drive or a Corsair Force 3 240GB drive.

  8. INUITNERD 12:08 am 25/02 of 2013

    Holy hell.


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