ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard Hands-on Review 1/2

16th of November 2012 23

ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard Hands-on Review 1/2

JJ from ASUS unboxes the new AMD Bulldozer ready ASUS Sabertooth 990FX AM3+ motherboard. Find out why the Sabertooth TUF Series is the most reliable solution for AM3+. Follow ASUS on Facebook and on Twitter at
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23 great comment(s) for this post

  1. MrNowwhatido 5:36 pm 16/11 of 2012


  2. halo4racks 5:57 pm 16/11 of 2012

    Aslo can this run with windowd xp os

  3. halo4racks 6:38 pm 16/11 of 2012

    guys if i want to buy this motherboard. what graphics can it compaitiable with it and what processor( AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core 4GHz AM3+ Processor )< can this processor run in the motherboard too and with the graphic card pls reply ASAP

  4. gdfschimpi007 7:16 pm 16/11 of 2012

    decent? depending on what you do. I run multiple vm boxes. thing is a fawking beast for what I do.

  5. pwn3ddaboss 7:43 pm 16/11 of 2012


  6. Tom Handley 8:26 pm 16/11 of 2012

    Yeah… my 8120 oddly booted up just fine, BUT for some reason only showed as 4 cores (4 threads) on CPU-Z. After I updated the bios, it showed 8 cores & 8 threads. It’s a decent cpu, I like it.

  7. gdfschimpi007 8:30 pm 16/11 of 2012

    it will most likely boot with the fx series but not recognize all the cores until bios is updated.

  8. GunSkillet 9:14 pm 16/11 of 2012

    I doubt it, they should of updated the bios for all the boards by now anyways, so you shouldn’t have to.

  9. LordNickleBottoms 9:24 pm 16/11 of 2012

    well not always do you need a bios update to use the new fx chips. mine came with the latest bios and was fx ready. its been over a year since they were released so just about all of them will have the fx-ready bios. but it is kinda pointless since they have released the r2.0 of this board.

  10. Tom Handley 10:18 pm 16/11 of 2012

    Ok, now I know. Thanks for your reply.

  11. tra847 10:22 pm 16/11 of 2012

    yea you need am3 processor first update bios then install your amd fx 8120

  12. Tom Handley 11:01 pm 16/11 of 2012

    Hello, I am looking into getting this motherboard along with an 8120 cpu. My question is, do I have to first put in a Sempron 140/5 cpu first and update the bios for it to accept the 8120? Or can I just put in the 8120 and it’s good to go? Thanks.

  13. Dave Jones 11:06 pm 16/11 of 2012


  14. MrScottyo1 11:18 pm 16/11 of 2012

    That small Q connector makes it easier to connect USB wires i.e Front USB port on case, Carder readers, more USB ports in the back etc. you’ll notice it matches up with the header on the motherboard

  15. Shea McNally 11:44 pm 16/11 of 2012

    Can someone tell me what the smaller Q-Connector is for? This is my second build, first one was from 2006. Love the mobo but I just can’t figure out what connects to that smaller connector.

  16. PCMasterinfo 12:03 am 17/11 of 2012

    Excelente placa temos a venda por R$ 859,00 em 10 x sem juros

  17. Shea McNally 12:45 am 17/11 of 2012

    I got side tracked and thought you were just complaining about not having a 1x slot. I myself am getting this board, already ordered it. I can see your issue with the pci slot, although I won’t be running sli on my board. But I think we can both agree it’d be better to just get a pci-x soundcard since I would imagine that pci will get phased out within the next year or two.

  18. Shea McNally 1:27 am 17/11 of 2012

    you know you can put pci-x1 into a pci-x16 slot, right?

  19. Shea McNally 1:42 am 17/11 of 2012

    all am3+ boards are backwards compatible with am3 cpus

  20. Shea McNally 1:49 am 17/11 of 2012

    Get a pci-e soundcard, problem solved

  21. MrNowwhatido 2:19 am 17/11 of 2012

    get a better gpu

  22. littletoy01 3:10 am 17/11 of 2012

    Will this cpu work well with this mother board AMD PHENOM X6 1100T SIX CORE 3.3-3.7GHz

  23. sk8rkid135 3:54 am 17/11 of 2012

    The H80 is compatible with AM3+


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