ASUS P9X79 Deluxe Motherboard Overview

28th of January 2013 21

ASUS P9X79 Deluxe Motherboard Overview

for the full review please visit: The ASUS P9X79 Deluxe Motherboard offers multiple features at a mainstream performance level price. The P9X79 Deluxe includes Dual Intelligent Processor 3 technology for performance power control, Bluetooth 3.0 with WiFi, ASUS USB Boost, ASUS SSD Caching, a new DTS codec for enhanced onboard sound, passive thermal reactive chipset heatsinks with heatpipe, ASmedia USB 3.0 controller, Dual Gigabit LAN, ASUS AI Suite and One of the most advanced UEFI BIOS on the market.

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21 great comment(s) for this post

  1. SuccessXS 8:47 pm 28/01 of 2013

    Hi paul, i need some advice, i just got the amd 8350, and want to know your advice on getting either the formula Z or formula V since they are basically the same price. thanks bud.

  2. Christomb 9:30 pm 28/01 of 2013

    Thanks ! I’m already using this mobo with an air cooler from Intel.

  3. QuickIsland 9:49 pm 28/01 of 2013

    I have a H100 atatched to this boaard. I dint even need to take of the backplate.

  4. Christomb 10:20 pm 28/01 of 2013

    Got it. Thanks a lot !

  5. HiTechLegion 10:36 pm 28/01 of 2013

    LGA2011 is a different mounting than LGA1155/1156, so you will have to get the correct mounting kit for the cooler (if it is available from the mfg), or go with an LGA2011 compatible cooler.

  6. Christomb 10:57 pm 28/01 of 2013

    If I have a cpu cooler for socket lga1155, will it fit on lga2011 ? Cause lga1155 and lga1156 are the same. Lga2011 is an entire new socket for cpu coolers or does it fit with othjer sockets ?

  7. HiTechLegion 11:32 pm 28/01 of 2013

    Most companies have upgrade kits but most of the ones you can buy should have the bracket now.

  8. Christomb 12:24 am 29/01 of 2013

    Great review ! Hey, I would like to aska very simple question: cpu cooler for LGA2011 socket is unique, or cpu cooler for other sockets will fit ?

  9. HiTechLegion 12:57 am 29/01 of 2013

    You get what you pay for, AsRock doesn’t have as good of a power phase on their board, their PCB is somewhat thinner. You may have problems performance tuning. Not to say the AsRock will not but ASUS has a fine tuned BIOS and a better Micro-Architecture.

  10. SuccessXS 1:10 am 29/01 of 2013

    do you have a preference between the asrock x79 extreme 6 vs. the p9x79 deluxe?

  11. peocaveo 1:16 am 29/01 of 2013

    Hello, since I’m thinking to get this mobo with 2 SSDs (plugged to the Intel SATA3 ports) and 4 HDDs (plugged to the Intel SATA2 ports) I need to know if anyone has ever plugged 2 DVD burners to the marvel sata3 ports. With the Asus P8P67 Deluxe I could not do this thing. With this new motherboard is this possibile? Thanks a lot.

  12. Damnation71 1:59 am 29/01 of 2013

    i have this board since last week and i must say its one of the best boards that asus have made its a great overclocking board i clocked my cpu to 4,60 ghz and all watercooled and no problems

  13. HiTechLegion 2:35 am 29/01 of 2013

    thanks for helping us out there. We realize that Intel was said instead of dual GB lan. Much appreciated.

  14. Damnation71 3:19 am 29/01 of 2013

    dual intel lan connectors, WRONG 1 x intel lan and 1 x realtek

  15. Antonio Tedim Pedrosa 3:46 am 29/01 of 2013

    It is incapable of 4-way SLI, only 3-way SLI and Crossfire lol 10:12 is wrong

  16. beoranged 4:32 am 29/01 of 2013

    At 8:33 Bluetooth ?? USB3 Front Panel Connector. Silly :)

  17. IbnIsam 4:52 am 29/01 of 2013

    This guy’s watch is nice :P

  18. zappload 5:25 am 29/01 of 2013

    Front BT 8:32 ? realy? thats front USB 3.0 :P

  19. gregg008 5:40 am 29/01 of 2013

    this actually has 2 lans where as the gamer board doesnt thats why i get the deluxes

  20. HiTechLegion 5:45 am 29/01 of 2013

    The WS has a couple different connectivity features. And may have less in other areas. Prices are about the same between the Deluxe and WS

  21. Carter Baker 6:26 am 29/01 of 2013

    Whats the differance between the WS and the regular.


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