Linux motherboards - ASUS P8Z77 Series Motherboards – Fan Xpert 2 Hands-On Introduction

3rd of October 2012 24

ASUS P8Z77 Series Motherboards – Fan Xpert 2 Hands-On Introduction

Learn how to become a real fan expert with our easy, informative and flexible fan settings! ASUS Fan Xpert 2 — The Most Customizable Cooling Controls, Ever Seeing an opportunity for more fine-tuned control, hardware-level ASUS Fan Xpert 2 literally blows away the competition to provide the best comprehensive fan settings to achieve the perfect balance of cooling performance and low noise. Easy Fan Auto Tuning Scans each fan’s characteristics through the exclusive automatic fan speed detection, giving custom speed settings of each fan with a single click. Informative Advanced Customized Settings Take advanced control with detailed information of each fan. Flexible RPM Fixed Mode Sets fan speed to a fixed value. Users can reduce noise levels to near 0dB with highly specific fan speed control. It reacts to system loads for greater control.

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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Sang Tech 7:56 pm 3/10 of 2012

    How do I get that auto fan tuning running?

  2. XfireBf2Skatetopia 7:59 pm 3/10 of 2012

    I dont have a fan plugged in my motherboard CHA_FAN1, so ai suite ii always gives notifications that it is disabled and i want to turn off the notifications, how do i do it?

  3. RenegadeFury 8:12 pm 3/10 of 2012

    dl link?

  4. MrStah8 8:14 pm 3/10 of 2012

    Give fan expert for rampage IV extreme or at least give a solution to lower the cap for Chasis fans in fan xpert for rIVe below 40%….

  5. france2911 9:04 pm 3/10 of 2012

    looking for the best motherboard : ASUS Z77 series

  6. DonyBueno88 9:19 pm 3/10 of 2012

    P8Z77-M + 2500K + water cooler H100 + MSI GTX 670 Power Edition OC + 8GB ram 1600Mhz OC + PSU 750w…
    Someone buy this mobo and 2500K or 3570K ?
    Can do OverClock 4.5ghz stable, without risk ?

  7. adamdude15 9:52 pm 3/10 of 2012

    Hey man, I’m having the EXACT same problem. Infuriating!!!!!! Why can’t ASUS get a simple software suite to work properly…. I spent an hour getting my PC running awesome, then I reboot and find it running noisy again…. Have you worked anything out?

  8. Paulo Pinheiro 10:39 pm 3/10 of 2012

    Not even close, dude… look 4 ROG!

  9. illkickyouinthenuts 11:19 pm 3/10 of 2012

    I’ve created a Fan profile in AI Suite II => Fan Export 2 and now I want it to load during Windows start up. But it doesn’t use the created profile, always the default profile.
    Every time I start Windows I have to click: AI Suite II (From the notification Area) => Fan Expert 2 => Load Profile => Select the profile => Ok => Close AI Suite II.
    Is there a way to automatically load my Profile during Windows startup?
    Motherboard: Asus Maximus Gene V
    BIOS: 1101
    AISuite: 1.02.29
    OS: Windows 7 64bit

  10. Gabriel Kozsar 12:00 am 4/10 of 2012

    It’s not about seriousnes, but effectivness^flexibility. With fan controller you have to play with it everytime temps in your case change. With preset profiles you don’t have to do anything.

  11. brucki98 12:40 am 4/10 of 2012

    can i use this software also on the rog board(gene V)???

  12. TheCanto500 1:22 am 4/10 of 2012

    I have a P8 Z68 M motherboard, anyone know where I can get a backplate for it? I mean the metal shield on the back that houses the I/O, USB etc ports…Thanks

  13. Incaensio 1:56 am 4/10 of 2012

    UEFI has nearly the same options, you just have to manually enter all of the parameters yourself. Takes loads more time, but it’s available in there anyways.

  14. Incaensio 2:44 am 4/10 of 2012

    you can easily go into the bios and set it to ignore the minimum rpm for the cpu fan and then you’ll never see that warning again, it’s under the Monitor section in the Advanced tab of the UEFI bios.

  15. darkdoom645 3:22 am 4/10 of 2012

    I love how there are mac elitists on asus’ videos about desktops and laptops but when it comes to hardware, they probably feel lost and confused and they can’t say “OMG MAC SO GUD N ASUS SO BAS!!!11!!1″ because they don’t know shit about computers

  16. Aldhogg 3:42 am 4/10 of 2012


  17. FloridaRealEstate101 4:00 am 4/10 of 2012

    I purchased an ASUS P8Z68-V GEN3 board less than 5 months ago… Can I upgrade my ASUS AI Suite II to include this new fan control software?

  18. schakal42 4:58 am 4/10 of 2012

    Do all Boards of the P8Z77 series support Fan Xpert 2? Because the website states on all the cheaper boards up to the P8Z77 V LE that they just have Fan Xpert+. Only the high-priced boards starting from the P8Z77 V list Fan Xpert 2 in their specs. But I don’t need wifi, dozens of USB, SATA, VGA and Sound ports etc. I basically just need a P8Z77 M Pro but with Fan Xpert 2 and one old PCI-Slot. Oh and can you also control the one 3pin-fan on boards like the P8Z77V LE/LX?

  19. Nastybutl3r 5:15 am 4/10 of 2012

    ASUS =The greek god of motherboards

  20. SoCalFreelance 5:55 am 4/10 of 2012

    I never knew people took fan customization so seriously. o_O

  21. 1upAce 5:56 am 4/10 of 2012

    my error with the asus board is mostly the cpu fan falling bevlow a certain RPM that causes my computer to say CPU FAN ERROR. real weird

  22. dvinenova 6:10 am 4/10 of 2012

    I have 4 fan including the CPU fan connected to the fan headers manually customized graphs for all my fans, saved them into a profile.

    However, everytime I reboot my machine or power it on, CPU fan and ChassisFan1 loses their settings and are reverted back to a default, this problem however does not happen to the 3rd and 4th fans on my machine.
    I have also tried disabling Q-fan for all 4 fans in the BIOS, but this problem is still there.
    I am running version 1.00.13 BIOS firmware 0906 P8Z77-V

  23. Kevin Price 6:32 am 4/10 of 2012

    Asus this is a great software package in all but if it isn’t available to use in the UEFI then its useless to us Linux users…

  24. redseasplitter 7:16 am 4/10 of 2012

    Yea i agree they have really uped their game a lot.


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