P8p67 enter bios problems - Asus P8P67 Boot Problems #2

4th of August 2012 20

Asus P8P67 Boot Problems #2

The Computer boots up, then immediately powers down and starts up again. Using i5-2500 sandy bridge and Asus P8P67 mainboard, along with compatibility certified Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G (4 x 2 GB). When I reset the computer, the PC starts but does not boot up, when it actually boots, it can take up to 40 seconds until the BIOS beep.
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  1. horrorhotel999 2:28 am 4/08 of 2012

     Works perfekt.THX Dude.

  2. Jinxxed0 2:38 am 4/08 of 2012

    could you please explain “Internal PLL Overvoltage”? Also, I install windows 7 and then when i restart it fails to launch. It just says loading windows files or whatever, even though its booting from the hdd. I can’t find a solution anywhere. Also the only time I can even get the thing to post is when theres on ram stick in. Its my first PC and this MB has turned me off from ever building a PC again.

  3. chazflyz 3:07 am 4/08 of 2012

    For those wondering how to solve the double boot issue for this board, there are 2 things that you can do 1) UEFI BIOS -> go to ‘Advanced’ tab -> go down to ‘APM’, press Enter -> enable the “Power on by PCIe.” function. Then press F10 to save & exit. After save & exit, let the system boot into Windows or other OS, then perform a proper shutdown: Start button -> Shut down 2) Internal PLL Overvoltage = DISABLED .

    #2 worked for me. No boot isues since.

  4. vivaramones1 3:25 am 4/08 of 2012

    yeah im getting the same problem too man but its just annoying mostly i hope the update helps

  5. Iaminarwinq 3:31 am 4/08 of 2012

    push and hold “Mem ok” button for few seconds just after start and then try again .

    You have all explains in the documentation .

  6. 85Kubu 4:10 am 4/08 of 2012

    Try newes BIOS (mind the risks!). On the old BIOS you can try to turn off the power suply (or remove the power cable from it). Then move the CRLTC jumper from 1 2 to 2 3 for 5-10 seconds, and then place it again on 1 2. Turn on the power suply and the computer. Mind that it will erase all BIOS settings. It helped in my case with PRO and 1003 BIOS. It also helped with the RAM issue (OC failed on 1600 MHz). On the newest BIOS (1204) I don’t have this problem.

  7. 0RodimusPrime0 4:35 am 4/08 of 2012

    I tried that and it didnt work :/

  8. balist0 4:51 am 4/08 of 2012

    This appears to have fixed it, thankyou! :D :D

  9. duaxiong 5:23 am 4/08 of 2012

    A temporary fix for his has been circulating the forums:

    ASUS P8P67 series Double POST at Cold Boot Fix

    – enter UEFI BIOS

    – enable the “Power on by PCIe” function

    This should be remedied in a later BIOS update.

  10. Jocarl1215 6:13 am 4/08 of 2012

    i got the same problem on my p8p67 pro

  11. vivitron78 6:19 am 4/08 of 2012

    I’ve noticed that everyone having this problem, apparently didn’t read the manual, and usually put their memory in the wrong spot. I bought this board for a complete build, read the manual, did what it said and everything boots just fine.

  12. xxsekoxx 6:29 am 4/08 of 2012

    I have this board and i can not get the USB 3.0 ports to read anything!  2.0 or 3.0. I have the driver update. Anybody having the same issues?

  13. darkcg79 7:11 am 4/08 of 2012

    @Typhoon10UK: you replace a motherboard for a simple problem you can’t solve. Who is the ignorant? Come on guy, next time buy cheap computers at the supermarket.

  14. darkcg79 7:37 am 4/08 of 2012

    @Typhoon10UK: not that your experience means anything. In fact, it means nothing.

  15. Wisallis66 8:25 am 4/08 of 2012

    Asus ist leider eh nicht mehr das was es mal war.

  16. florifliegt1 9:10 am 4/08 of 2012

    @GUNterTheHunTER wenn du wüstest, das er in einem Forum bereits das Problem schilderte… asus ist dabei und lieferte ein neues Bios, jedoch ohne Erfolg. Also, asus wird hoffentlich das beheben, da ich mir sonst nicht dieses board holen werden.

  17. silverato3428 10:05 am 4/08 of 2012

    I have this motherboard and I had the same thing , change the memory slot and click the button on the memory

  18. silverato3428 10:46 am 4/08 of 2012

    it’s all bullshit Install the latest BIOS and check the memory

  19. desipimpsta12 11:39 am 4/08 of 2012

    ur case is grounding it, maybe you have tighten the screws that connect the motherboard to the case too tight

  20. andrewsheldonreeves 11:49 am 4/08 of 2012

    check the powersupply. It might not be good or big enough. 750 watts or more for a gaming rig.


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