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21st of February 2013 24

Asus P8P67 Boot Problem

I’m 99% sure this is an issue with the EUFI bios Hardware Motherboard: Asus P8P67 CPU: Intel i5 2500k GPU: MSI Cyclone GTX 460 768mb PSU: Seasonic S12 II 620 watt Case: Fractal Design R3 RAM: 4 GB Patriot 1333mhz HDD: WD Black 640GB Sorry for the terrible quality, it was filmed from my phone.
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  1. ThePcrepairs 11:45 am 21/02 of 2013

    Hi maybe you know what the problem could be i bought a Asus P8P67 motherboard when i start it a Red light comes up next to Mem OK! (DRAM_LIGHT) it keeps on restarting the pc and not booting maybe you can help out thanks.

  2. ThePcrepairs 12:25 pm 21/02 of 2013

    Guys please help im having this problem for 2 good months:/ when i start my pc it just shuts down and restart the red light keep on coming up next to Mem OK please HELPPP

  3. devlinX 12:44 pm 21/02 of 2013

    I’ve had this problem all today did everything multiple times. Turned out ram wasn’t seated properly, it has to be snapped in more forcefully than I expected, I removed them and swapped multiple times and went away for a bit read up on them being needed to be forced in more than most woud expect and when I tried I got a little “snap” and all is well.

  4. TheCoolguy205 12:55 pm 21/02 of 2013

    Another problem for it might be your area where you plug in I should say your cpu

  5. kenkanniff 1:33 pm 21/02 of 2013

    Problem fixed by unplugged all ram… start system with no ram… it will crash right away and start again by itself and will give same problem as before…. turn power off … reinstall all ram…. boot system…bios will appear…. worked for me

  6. PoPskie28 1:47 pm 21/02 of 2013

    hey man! i have one solution on ur problem :D just try to clean ur ram :P

  7. TheRightAlex 2:43 pm 21/02 of 2013

    Well, I had the same problem yesterday….
    First of all sorry for my poor English.
    I was trying to update my bios and after succesfully update in Windows everything looked good. Asus AI Suite II said that computer need to be restarted and then I pressed OK. After that my computer did not start again. I’ve tried all what I see in topics above but nothing helped me.
    I understood that problem in BIOS flash, and I decide to flash it on another board.

  8. TheRightAlex 3:17 pm 21/02 of 2013

    I made these steps:
    1) To find similar motherboard. (For example it doesn’t work on P7P55D because of different BIOS sizes) I’ve found P8H67.
    2) Download and save on flash/hdd BIOS firmware and BIOS flash Utility for firmware update under DOS.
    3) On computer with working BIOS (in my case it was P8H67) boot from the motherboard boot CD or another source with installed DOS.
    4) Start DOS.

  9. TheRightAlex 4:06 pm 21/02 of 2013

    5) Open the firmware update-utility but do not start the flashing.
    6) The most important thing: While system is working take out the the BIOS chip and put the BIOS chip from your broken MB P8P67.
    7) Start flashing using the already dowloaded firmware.
    8) If the motherboards are the similar than flashing will be succesfull.
    9) Turn off the computer.
    10) Turn of PSU.
    11) Take off the BIOS chip and put in into P8P67.
    12) Turn on the computer with P8P67.

  10. Mike c 5:06 pm 21/02 of 2013

    TrAsHCOK’s instructions worked %100.

    Clearing the RTC RAM is the solution to this problem.

  11. 8pqpq8 5:32 pm 21/02 of 2013

    i have the same MoBo and when i plug in my gaming mouse and after a few minutes the computer will not recognize the mouse and even crash all my usb ports. i tried unplugging the power, and reformatting.

  12. TrAsHCOK 5:35 pm 21/02 of 2013

    I Got exactly the same problem so if i can help its a real pleasure … (first of all sorry for my english)…so what i did is to clear the RTC RAM (check Motherboard manual page 2-21) wich says :

    1- turn off the computer and unplug the power cord
    2- move the jumper cap from pins 1-2 (defaut) to 2-3. Keep the cap on pins 2-3 for 10sec and then move the cap back to pins 1-2.
    3plug the power cord then tun ON the pc

    PM me if it worked for you ;-)

  13. vtechks 5:47 pm 21/02 of 2013

    I had the same problem too. If you read the 5th comment that should solve your problem.

  14. grenadezeroone 6:31 pm 21/02 of 2013

    My board worked fine for 2 months. I updated the bios for a specific reason (unrelated) and it said successful. From that point on it was all black. I am very computer knowledgeable and none of the regular stuff fixed it. RMA time :-[

  15. whiterabbit703 7:04 pm 21/02 of 2013

    i had the same problem: the cause was i had forgotten to put the extra power on the motherboard:on top left the 8 pins

  16. Venoxis Clan 7:18 pm 21/02 of 2013

    hope this helps u all ppl who are facing this problem

  17. Venoxis Clan 7:43 pm 21/02 of 2013

    Hey bro . i can help u out… i myself using an i7 2600k .. an hd 6990 and asus p8p67 delux motherboard .. i also had this weird problem… i also fixed it.. it was caused due to a sudden power drop.. the thing is that u just need to open everything in ur pc
    incl cpu .. not hardisks .. u need to remove ram and boot and wait for the peep sound . then u need to clear rtc . after that . boot with mem ok … and u are done :)

  18. NickinRaleigh 8:33 pm 21/02 of 2013

    I had the exect same issue _ I resent the CMOS, updated all the BIOS’s both the MB and the video card, and at least it now starts up from a hard reboot. But when it enters sleep mode it will not restart. Its taken days of effort to get this far and I am not happy at all with ASUS!

  19. MRdivod 8:52 pm 21/02 of 2013

    Can i ask you something sir …. you said this happened to your board for the second time …. when you got your second board … did you change anything in the bios or was it completely dead on the first boot up

  20. TrU3Ta1ent 9:40 pm 21/02 of 2013

    I have exactly the same problem I wish I found this vid before my few days of trying EVERYTHING to get it to work, sent it off for RMA, hopefully my next one will be good, how is the board now its working?

  21. nikanj 10:30 pm 21/02 of 2013

    I’m having trouble with this board as well/ Has consumed my whole day. Will try to refund it tomorrow.

  22. thomas27615 11:08 pm 21/02 of 2013


  23. uzor123 11:40 pm 21/02 of 2013

    How did it go?

    I have the same problem now and i think that i will RMA it.

  24. chazflyz 12:12 am 22/02 of 2013

    For those wondering how to solve the double boot issue for this board, there are 2 things that you can do 1) UEFI BIOS -> go to ‘Advanced’ tab -> go down to ‘APM’, press Enter -> enable the “Power on by PCIe.” function. Then press F10 to save & exit. After save & exit, let the system boot into Windows or other OS, then perform a proper shutdown: Start button -> Shut down 2) Internal PLL Overvoltage = DISABLED .

    #2 worked for me. No boot isues since.


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