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20th of April 2013 15


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15 great comment(s) for this post

  1. McMaga 11:05 pm 20/04 of 2013

    Wtf he doing ???

  2. Mauriland76 11:51 pm 20/04 of 2013

    if you need at turbomode full 38x multiplier.
    4 core turbomode is max 35x , 3 core 36x, 2 core 37x and 1 core 38x

  3. Yuri Shishenko 12:10 am 21/04 of 2013

    LOL what?

  4. USBdollar 12:49 am 21/04 of 2013

    Where can I put “Multicore” on disabled??

  5. MrFilipicamo 1:47 am 21/04 of 2013

    Would the alc892 get sound sttutering in games like battlefield 3 and Crysis1?
    Be cause i had a ALC883 and it was orrible for gaming.

  6. dottorrent 1:59 am 21/04 of 2013

    Use the TurboV overclocking software as that overclocks the cpu safely when needed

  7. jose rizal 2:11 am 21/04 of 2013

    bro we have the same specs, tell me if u kno how to OC :)

  8. Jason Pogany 2:28 am 21/04 of 2013

    I am buying an EPROM external bios flasher for sure. Few hundred bucks though. Around 3 or 400 I think.

  9. Jason Pogany 2:35 am 21/04 of 2013

    Are you having any problems with your computer? Do you have to update? If you don’t, I wouldn’t bother. Safer that way. Ever since my update, little problems are popping up now. Dropping internet connection, blue screen of death and a few others. If it works fine, just leave it, no need to update. :)

  10. OriginalScrapAttack 3:21 am 21/04 of 2013

    why’s that? Please tell me I want to flash my BIOS but your story makes me unsure whether to do it or not.. I have the B3 revision btw.. perhaps this one is any better?

  11. Jason Pogany 3:47 am 21/04 of 2013

    Whatever you do, DO NOT flash your bios to the newest version. Just leave it alone. Do not flash your bios with this motherboard.

  12. Kazimshah44 4:34 am 21/04 of 2013

    bro i have P8H61-MLX can you tell me how to oveclock core i3 2100 @3.1ghz plz bro i have kingston 1333mhz 4gb ram

  13. TechNewsWeeklyMMXI 5:18 am 21/04 of 2013

    Can someone tell me what ‘timings’ are? On the EFI BIOS

  14. xobust 5:32 am 21/04 of 2013

    i don’t think you can do that manual in bios. the gpu overclocking is done automatically if you flip the switch on the mobo

  15. MeineLiebe1895 5:57 am 21/04 of 2013

    What’s the limit of CPU Ratio ( Multi ) ?

    I saw @ 1:09 that you can change it, online it media states it wouldn’t be possible with h67…


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